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Cococart Unboxed: Year in Review 2022

2022 was a year of breakouts, breakthroughs, and breakdowns. Even through many global ups, downs, and zigzags, there is at least one thing that has tied us together—the joy we all feel when local businesses succeed.

A lot has happened from our little corner of the internet. We’ve unboxed some of our favorite highlights to prove local isn’t just the future. Local is the now.

A growing community

The local business scene showed us that there are no signs of stopping because we’re now a community of over 42,000 merchants using Cococart—42,124 to be exact.

We’re incredibly proud to be the go-to partner for independent entrepreneurs in 114 countries around the world.

Shopping local has never been this popular

We discovered now is the best time to be starting a business because shoppers themselves love supporting local. 506,952 customers have bought from an independent Cococart store, with 69,987 orders alone being sent as gifts to loved ones.

This tells us that buying local isn’t just a trend—it’s a whole lifestyle.

Your success is our success

1 in every 3 Cococart stores made at least $1,500 this year, and we’re working on some exciting updates to bring that number up.

Our premium features have played a role in that. For example, 3 in 10 premium Cococart shops see a 6% increase in sales with our Coupon Codes. Later in this post, you’ll also see how the newest ones we’ve launched in 2022 are growing local businesses like yours too!

We’ve been so inspired seeing our partner merchants turning their stores into thriving full-time businesses, launching physical locations, and reaching greater heights with Cococart.

Want to get inspired by some amazing entrepreneurs succeeding with Cococart? Check out our top picks:

Delivering on our promise to empower local

Of course, one of our favorite highlights from the year were the many features that we worked on just for you.

We’re proud to be a company that puts local businesses first. After all, you’re the reason we’re here, and we don’t plan on going anywhere!

We couldn’t possibly list down every single thing we released this year (we wish!), so check out this quick list of some of our biggest feature releases from 2022.

Email Marketing and Customers List

We wanted to end 2022 with a bang, so we released some of our biggest features to date—the start of our marketing tools to help you grow your business the smart way. 

Starting off with email marketing tools including the ability to send your customers emails promoting your products or promotions, as well as an automated abandoned cart recovery email to make sure you don’t miss out on any sales you could’ve lost.

In the first 30 days since launching, we’ve seen $17,111.95 worth of abandoned cart recoveries as well as $14,043.93 of orders made from email broadcasts.


Are your customers feeling generous? They can now add a tip to their order! We know you’ve loved getting an extra 1%, 5%, even 10% tip for your hard work, and we’ve loved hearing your stories of generous customers. 

Since launching this in the second half of the year, we’ve seen 3,198 of Cococart customers happily leave tips with their orders!


It’s one of our biggest sources of joy to see Cococart merchants once run by solopreneurs turn into thriving businesses with a full-fledged team. We made it easier to secure your account by letting you add and manage team members to manage your Cococart orders and stores.

WhatsApp Ordering

Over here at Cococart, we realized how important it was for some customers to get in touch with the local businesses they transacted with. So we released the option to enable WhatsApp messaging after placing an order. We’ve loved making things more convenient for you and your customers!

Time Slots

One of our most highly-requested features, especially from those of you selling food and online classes, was the ability to get customers to order for specific time slots. We finally rolled that out early this year, and—we know, we know—it was about damn time.

Custom Colors and Pages

Earlier this year, you all loved when we released the option to customize your Cococart shop with branded colors and custom About and FAQ pages. We’re thrilled to have helped you flex your creativity!

What are we unboxing in 2023?

We’re only just getting started here at Cococart. 

2022 has been a challenging year for the e-commerce industry, especially during the second half of the year. But we remain positive that the e-commerce industry will recover, and we’re determined to make 2023 even better.

We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ve got a slew of new things in the works—all being built in our signature style of making business easy, simple, and delightful.

Here’s to growing together!

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