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How Home Cook Business LorbakMama Saw 700% Growth in Sales on Autopilot with Coco+

Starting a business? Easy. Growing it? Not quite.

The task and challenge of growing a business becomes even more difficult when you’re on your own. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. 

Many solopreneurs are able to make it on their own. Their secret? Leveraging their limited time to keep doing what they know they’re good at, then outsourcing the rest.

For most solo business owners, you might be more concerned about the direction of your business than any other task. You want to focus on product development and scoring great partnerships that can get you growth.

What you might not have time for are things like doing graphic design or learning to run your own ads with complex tools. 

That’s exactly the situation that Christine Yue of home-based food business LorbakMama found herself in.

She wanted to focus on the things she was good at: managing the kitchen of her business, reaching out to potential influencers, and experimenting with new dishes.

She didn’t want to devote her own resources to try and figure out all the complexities of advertising her business using paid marketing. So she did what smart business owners do and 

Small business owner, big dreams

Home cook Christine of LorbakMama found her start in the online food business because of COVID but quickly grew 400% in just two years.

During that time, she relied on organic growth from word of mouth marketing and influencers posting about her delicious dishes for free.

But eventually Christine knew that in order to really make some major wins with her sales, she’d have to try paid marketing to expand her reach.

That was when she decided to enroll in Coco+ and really saw her business scale.

Professional ads, done for them

The first part of Christine’s success with Coco+ relied on beautiful ads that could get new customers’ attention.

Our team at Cococart quickly created high-converting designs and templates from LorbakMama’s existing archive of product photos. When LorbakMama approved, all we had to do was the magic behind the scenes to start running her ad campaigns.

700% increase in sales

Since enrolling in Coco+ back in April this year, LorbakMama has seen a 700% return on investment through the managed ads. 

With our world class marketing team, we were able to help Christine and her business launch the best kind of ads for her business, then continue to optimize for greater returns.

"We were able to maximize the ROAS for LorbakMama by tracking and retargeting potential customers who are familiar with their brand," explains Tanvirul Islam Dipto, one of the performance marketers running ads for Coco+.

"We also optimized ads to deliver demographic-specific promotions based on link click attribution and top of the funnel journey."

Every month, we’d come back to Christine with a report on how well her ads were performing. Month after month, after seeing the results, she kept her business on Coco+ and has continued to see bigger and better returns as her campaigns became more optimized in the long run.

Best of all? To Christine, LorbakMama’s growth has been on autopilot, with much of the work happening behind the scenes. It’s managed marketing at its finest.

Hear it from LorbakMama herself:

“Coco+ has been a great help to my business! My ads are automatically managed by a team and it has tripled my sales. I don't have to monitor the ads and change the graphics by myself anymore. I have more time to concentrate on fulfilling orders and improve other aspects of the business!”

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