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How Safeera, a Jewelry Startup Grew 200% in 1.5 Years with Cococart

No one saw it coming – not even Raisa and Ashique, owners of Safeera, who started getting into the jewelry business in 2020.

Their business started in the middle of the pandemic but in less than 2 years, Safeera has grown from its humble beginnings to what it is today: 200% growth in revenue, and a team of 5. 

What’s the secret behind their success? How did they manage to set themselves apart from their competitors? 

We sat down with the owners of Safeera to learn about how they built their business and how they brought their vision to fruition.

It started with a dream: to make people happy

In 2020, the world was plagued by devastating news about the pandemic. Everyone was living in uncertainty and issues of mental health were on the rise.

It was in this backdrop that Safeera was born. Raisa and Ashique wanted to build something that’s more than a business. They had a vision – to bring happiness to ordinary people through simple and elegant jewelry pieces.

Picking a niche that works

Raisa and Ashique wanted to build a brand that sold high-quality jewelry that’ll bring joy to ordinary folks. 

Raisa first started Safeera on her own, selling a range of products. Soon enough, Ashique took the leap of faith and gave up his full-time role to join her in bringing their vision to life.

The brand came into focus when Raisa saw a gap in the jewelry market. There weren’t enough brands catered to the everyday person as prices of jewelry in the stores were marked up 8 to 10 times more. On the other hand, quality pieces were hard to come by in small jewelry businesses.

Picking a niche that works made Safeera grow by 200%.

Inventory management wasn’t always smooth sailing

One of the greatest challenges in running their business was inventory management and order taking. 

“People were skeptical about ordering through websites,” Ashique shared, “They didn’t want to browse and they don’t like waiting for websites to load.” And because of that, Raisa had to constantly check the DMs for customer orders and details. 

On top of that, Raisa and Ashique needed to use spreadsheets to track inventory and additional software to generate invoices. Precious time was put into the operations and this made it difficult to scale.

“Thankfully, Cococart helped solve these challenges”

Ashique first learned about Cococart when he saw that his friend signed up for a website. Out of curiosity, he decided to check it out. And immediately, he knew this was what his business needed.

Cococart’s seamless ordering process has helped Raisa and Ashique streamline their business. Customers can order easily, while they can view everything they need to know about the business on the dashboard.

“The analytics tool is helpful for our business because it tells me which are the best-selling products,” says Ashique. 

Safeera is constantly testing out products and pushes out 300 - 400 products each month. Having these insights helps Raisa and Ashique identify the right products to stock up.

Additionally, Cococart’s auto-invoice feature also helps to streamline business operations. 

“Now, we can use Cococart to help us manage invoices,” Ashique says, “we no longer need to use complex software to do that.”

Rewarding customers who order on the website with discount codes

To encourage more orders through their Cococart website, Raisa and Ashique came up with a simple, yet ingenious strategy: reward customers with discount codes if they made their order through the website.

Now, they get most of their orders through their Cococart website. With automated invoicing features and effective business analytics insights, Safeera is set to scale its business!

Focus on delighting customers, and you’ll see results 

Ashique recommends elevating your customer experience to see impactful change, especially for small businesses. He says, “we’re always innovating and always finding new ways to delight our customers.”

Safeera goes the extra mile to ensure that their jewelry pieces are high quality and that their price point is accessible. It’s important to delight customers at every point in their journey – from the moment they make their order to the moment they put on their new jewelry pieces.

“We make sure that there’s a good selection for our customers,” Raisa shared, “and we also make sure that delivery is fulfilled within 2 days.”

To ensure that customers can get their orders quickly, Safeera moved away from the initial pre-order business model. Now, they study the analytics on their Cococart website to ensure that the most popular products are always in stock. That’s how they nail their 2-day delivery promise.

To date, Safeera relies mainly on word-of-mouth referrals. They don’t count on expensive ads or influencer marketing. Through focusing on customer satisfaction and building a community, Raisa and Ashique managed to win the hearts of their customers and turn them into raving fans.

Giving back to the community, one statement piece at a time 

For Raisa and Ashique, Safeera is truly more than just a business. They want to build real connections with people and make a real change in people’s lives. That’s why a portion of their proceeds goes to a non-profit organization that provides education for young women.

The pair also has dreams to bring their business to new heights. Their goal is to “become the best jewelry seller in Bangladesh.” More than that, they hope to eventually expand and scale globally.

If you’ve been thinking about how you can scale your business like Raisa and Ashique, it’s time to adopt the right tools to help you grow your business. Cut down on manual order tracking and make use of professional analytics to help you make the right business decisions. 

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Safeera can be found on their Instagram and Cococart Store

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