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Introducing Teams for Cococart

Hey business owner, have you been building your team and scaling your business?

We know how tough it is to keep everyone in sync when you’re working together. That’s why we’re introducing our first collaborative feature: Teams 

Built for growing businesses

Our Teams feature is perfect for any growing business with 2 or more members. It helps business owners manage member access to the Cococart account and streamline your workflow.

With Teams, you’ll get to add two types of access: Owner, Admins and Members

As an Admin, you can have full control over your account, and add as many Members as you like to your Team. 

Admins and Owner share the same accessibility, with the key difference being that the Owner is the permanent account holder. Owners cannot be removed from their accounts whereas Admins can be removed by Owners.

Additionally, you’ll also get to manage what’s accessible to Members in your Cococart account. That means Members get to help you manage orders while sensitive information (premium subscription page, add-ons, payment details etc.) will only be privy to you.

Currently, members have a fixed set of accessibility. However, we’re actively working on improvements to give you more control and flexibility over what each team member can access and view.

How to add your team to Cococart

Want to activate Teams in your Cococart account? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to My Team under Settings
  2. Click Add Member 
  3. Invite your team members via email, and wait for them to accept.

Once your teammate receives the email, they will be asked to create an account. Afterwards, they’ll get access to certain parts of your Cococart dashboard.

Add unlimited users at no extra cost

Have a growing team for your business? 

Most collaborative tools charge you based on the number of members you have in your team. But with Cococart’s Startup plan and up, you’ll get to add unlimited team members in your account!

See Cococart Teams in action

When you want to streamline order preparation

Do you own a food business with different teams? Cococart Teams gives your Members access to the info they need to ensure smooth operations.

Staff managing orders can easily relay order details to the kitchen and members on your team can be on the same page, wherever they’re at! 

When you have a dedicated delivery fleet

Have your own delivery fleet? Streamline your business by giving your delivery fleet Members access to Orders information. 

Invite your delivery riders as Members to your Cococart account. They’ll easily access delivery addresses and complete pickups and drop offs.

When you want to share finances and analytics

Have a dedicated member who’s in charge of your business’s finances? With Teams, you can add multiple Admins so more members have access to payments and analytics in your Cococart dashboard.


Want to scale your business? You’ll need the right tools to give you the support you need to grow your business. Upgrade to Startup tier and above and start adding unlimited members to your Cococart Teams!

Your Success is Our Success

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