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How to Retain Customers After Raya Sales

Hari Raya is an amazing opportunity to get more sales for your business. But what do you do when the festivities are over? How do you retain customers once the hype has died down?

Here are some tips to help you keep the momentum going and turn first-time customers into loyal, lifelong customers for your business!

Keep the discounts going for selected products

Everyone loves discounts. It’s an easy way to keep customers interested in your products.

That said, you should be strategic about the kinds of products that go on discount and not slash the price of every item in your business.

Discounts work best when there’s a sense of perceived scarcity.

Customers need to know that discounts apply to selected products and only run for a limited period of time. This sense of scarcity will drive customers to take action and drive conversion for your post-Raya sales.

So what products should go on discount? 

Seasonal products

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If you’ve launched products that are specific to the Hari Raya season, you’ll want to run a discount on these products when the festivities end.

Identify which products you want to clear quickly and run an attractive promotion to retain customer interest.

Some customers are aware of post-holiday sales and intentionally wait for these discounts.

A discount between 20% to 30% helps to entice customers who are more price sensitive. That said, the discount you give should also depend on your profit margins.

If your products are perishables and you need to clear your inventory as soon as you can, you’ll need to be willing to take losses on some of your products.

However, if you’re selling products that can be stored for some time, you may not need to run steep discounts.

Product bundling

Instead of putting single items on discount, consider creating product bundles instead.

Product bundling helps you attract customers because it gives customers the impression that they’re raking up savings when they buy more from your store.

To maximize the effectiveness of product bundles, try pairing popular products with slow-moving stocks.

You’ll get to ride on customers’ interest in your top-selling products to help you clear seasonal products.

Give coupons to new customers

Did you get new customers during the Hari Raya season? Well, don’t just stop there—turn these new customers into repeat customers for your business!

Here’s how: 

For every order you get during your Hari Raya sales, include a coupon code for your customers’ next purchase.

You can choose to give them a storewide discount or choose selected items in your store you want to promote.

Creating a loyalty program also helps to retain customers in the long run.

Track your customers’ purchases and reward those who have bought from your store 3 times or more. You could give them a unique discount code or a special freebie in their next order.

Cococart gives businesses the flexibility to easily create promo codes. Here’s how you can set it up:

1. Create a promotion

2. Enter your unique promo code (eg. BIRTHDAYPROMO10)

3. Specify which products are available for promo or apply it to your entire store

4. Indicate the discount amount

This feature is available to merchants who are on our premium subscriptions and it starts from just $5/month!

Leverage on retargeting strategies

Customers love to browse online stores during seasonal festivities.

They may have found something awesome in your store but haven’t made the commitment to make the purchase.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder for customers to convert. And tools like Facebook Pixel are designed to do just that for your business.

You can easily set it up on your Cococart website and start creating ads on Facebook.

Setting up Facebook Pixel on Cococart takes just a few minutes. Simply input your Facebook Pixel ID and you’re good to go!

Build relationships with new customers

One of the best ways to retain customers is to build genuine relationships with them.

Let your customers know that you care about their opinions and value their support by asking for feedback regularly.

After you’ve fulfilled an order, make sure to check in on your customers again with a feedback form or drop them a text to make sure they’re happy with their purchase.

These conversations give your online business a human touch and help you stand out from other businesses.

Engage customers online with social media

You may have a ton of awesome products on your online store but customers aren’t going to know about them if you don’t keep them posted online! 

Posting regularly on social media can help you get the word out about new products, discounts, and seasonal sales.

It also helps to engage with new customers who have recently bought from you during the Hari Raya season.

Keep your customers in the loop about your online store’s latest happenings and create conversations with them online!

Not only does this help to retain interest, but it also helps to give you an online presence.

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Retain customers with a professional online store

An online store with a smooth checkout process and clean layout will make an impression on your customers. Streamline the ordering process with a Cococart website today and make use of the right tools to retain customers online.

You’ll get to employ the right strategies effectively and say goodbye to post-holiday slumps for your online business!

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