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5 Instagram Content Ideas That'll Triple Your Sales

When you’re running your own small business, you’re not just the master behind your craft. You’ll need to know how to photograph your products, how to style your posts, and so much more.

That’s why we've summed up top content tips for your business to help you out. Here are some great prompts on how you can milk content on Instagram even if you only have a few products in your online store.

1. Take behind the scenes Instagram posts 

Customers aren’t just interested in what your final product looks like. Posts that show what goes on in baking that amazing brownie can make your brand look more authentic and stand out from the rest. These posts tell a story of your hard work and (heart work) that goes into your creations.

Behind the scenes posts don’t need to be elaborate. In fact, having a slightly unpolished look can make your posts more relatable. You can take snippets of your process and post them in a carousel post, or take a video and post it on TikTok/ Instagram Reels. 

How to style your post:

  1. Take snippets of your process while you work
  2. Choose a popular song on TikTok or Instagram Reels to get discovered easily
  3. Add short captions to each scene to give some context

2. Share your inspiration on Insta stories

Believe it or not, you can connect with your audience even before you’ve started working on a product. Share posts and creations of other makers’ products on your Instagram Stories and talk about what you love about them.

Giving other creators and makers a mention can help you build a relationship with others in your community. And who knows? It might even open up doors for collaboration.

How to style your insta posts:

  1. Go through your discovery page and check out others in your niche
  2. See something you like? Share them on your stories!
  3. Take a poll and ask your followers if they love what you discovered
    e.g. This or That? IG polls work best to get insights into what your customers want.

3.  Show a sneak peek of your ‘secret sauce’

When you’re just starting out, you might have found yourself searching for “what materials should I use?” By showing a snippet of your process, you can connect with beginners who are inspired by your work and educate others in your community.

Remember – social media is all about inspiring your followers. You don’t need to give away your entire recipe but sharing a few tips can help to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

How to style your post:

  1. Take a #flatlay image of your crafting materials
  2. Give a short review of the brands or items you use

4. Showcase teasers before you launch a product

Teasers are great at creating anticipation for your new product. To maximise interest, you’ll want to make your audience pay attention to your posts.

Give them a few hints on what new flavours are coming up, or show them part of a pottery piece that’s coming to your online store soon. 

Mystery piques curiosity. And curiosity generates interest. Building up anticipation for your product through social media can help to engage with your audience for a prolonged period of time and create successful product launches.

How to style your post:

  1. Post an image of just one part of your product (e.g a handle of a new potter piece)
  2. Write a compelling caption to keep them guessing (e.g new stuff coming online soon, keep a lookout on this page!)

5. Show off your final product when it launches

Show your new finished piece in its full glory! This is the perfect opportunity to let your product shine.

Make sure you’re being intentional with your layout and that you’re taking your photos with good lighting. You don’t need professional equipment to do this well – a room with good sunlight will do just fine. 

How to style your post:

  1. Look for inspiration on Pinterest
  2. Use props and imitate the layout
  3. Take a picture and post the best one

Bonus: Take lifestyle photos with your products

How many times have you found yourself buying a new top or new accessories just because it looked so good on that model?

Or how about the times you’ve visited IKEA “just to take a look” and ended up buying yet another cushion because it looked great in their showroom?

Lifestyle images are great for your grid because it shows how your products can fit into your potential customer’s life. You want to stop them in their tracks and make them go, “Hey, this could be something I see myself getting. Yup, I’m getting that.”

Lifestyle shots breathe life into your Instagram page. It humanises your posts and makes you stand out from other small businesses. These posts are a little trickier to nail, so if you know a friend or loved one who has a good eye for photography, ask them to give you a hand!

How to style your post:

  1. Refer to other Instagram lifestyle posts in your niche
  2. See which ones get the most engagement
  3. Replicate

Posting on social media is a big part of running an online business. It helps you gain traction, and engage with new customers online. Level up your Instagram game with these social media tips and start building your brand today

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