Simplify the way customers order and pay in-store.

Scan To Order allows your customers to order from your menu and make payment—all on their own smartphones.

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In-store ordering for the future.

Use Scan To Order to streamline your food business's operations, and let staff focus on delivering fantastic food and service. See how it works for you and your customers.

Unique QR codes per table

Simply customize and download unique QR codes, then place them at key areas or tables at your space. Customers just need a smartphone to scan then place an order.

Get the sitch in the kitchen

Give your cooks a dedicated Kitchen Display System (KDS) that updates in real time as new QR code orders come in.

Manage order statuses in one click.

When orders go from the kitchen to the table, marking them as fulfilled takes a single click. Out of sight, next order in mind.

Accept any payment method

In signature Cococart fashion, add any custom payment method to meet customers where they're at.

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But wait, there's more in store.

If you think Scan To Order's a great addition to your business, wait 'til you see what else you get when you power your restaurant or café with Cococart.

List of orders with details of the customer, items, and payment
Free POS system for your retail & online orders
Take reservations
and appointments
UI asking the customer to pick a date and time for their reservation
Send marketing emails
Options to send marketing emails to all customers or specific subsets of them
Create a loyalty program
Loyalty program reward and redeemed coupon code
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Get more. Pay less.

Why pay for multiple apps when one is enough? Our all-in-one, fixed price saves you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars compared to subscribing to Shopify, Qashier POS, Sevenrooms, Mailchimp, and other online business tools separately.

Online Store

POS System



Email Marketing

Loyalty Program

Link-in-Bio Site

Reports & Analytics

from $9/month
Online Store
POS System
Email Marketing
Loyalty Program
Link-in-Bio Site
Reports & Analytics
over $700+ per month

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Get ready to power your restaurant in new ways with Scan To Order—and more. It all starts with Cococart.

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