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Top 8 Advantages of Online Food Ordering for Restaurants

Online food ordering has revolutionized the way restaurants operate by providing a level of convenience that both customers and business owners appreciate.

Restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses, from special deals to organizing events—all with one goal in mind: keeping their customers delighted.

In our digital age, nothing compares to online food ordering when it comes to optimizing customer convenience and boosting revenue for restaurants.

It's no wonder that it has become an integral part of restaurant operations, as well as a smart investment for restaurant managers wanting to stay ahead of their competitors.

In this blog post, we'll detail why online food ordering is such an essential tool for restaurants— from cost savings and increased sales to improved customer satisfaction and simplified order handling techniques—so you can make informed decisions about its value.

8 Benefits of Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Wondering why you should have your restaurant online to manage orders? Here are the top 8 benefits you might not know about.

1. Online orders generates more revenue for restaurants

Today’s F&B industry is highly competitive, which means that food establishments must continually explore new strategies to generate revenue growth.

Online ordering is among the most effective ways of doing so because it provides customers with convenience they crave increasingly.

By opting for online orders instead of traditional food ordering methods, such as phone calls or visits to restaurants themselves, you can drive up demand and ultimately profits.

Online platforms are crucial tools that allow restaurants to showcase your menu offerings and promotions while giving customers greater variety whilst customizing their order requests easily.

What this means is that customers enjoy a personalized experience tailored specifically to their needs.

Compared traditional ordering methods—where phone calls could be impersonal or rushed—you might run into errors that can then affect customer satisfaction, preventing people from coming back again.

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As our schedules become increasingly jam packed with work obligations, personal errands and social events, the need for efficiency has never been greater.

That's why many restaurants are adopting online ordering systems as a way of attracting more customers who might not otherwise head out to eat because of some inconveniences, such as lack of parking spaces or long wait times.

Ordering food online provides an easy solution for busy individuals looking for a quick meal fix without having to sacrifice quality.

By enabling customers to browse online menu at their leisure and place orders within seconds, restaurants can expect an uptick in average order size as diners discover tantalizing new dishes they may not have tried during typical in person visits.

With its user-friendly interface that makes customization easy and efficient coupled with convenient delivery options that satisfy on the go lifestyles, it's no wonder many restaurant owners are jumping aboard the online ordering bandwagon.

When you place an order online, you eliminate the possibility of cancellations since the order gets confirmed and pre authorized before it gets picked up or delivered. This type of approach guarantees that you get a specific level of revenue, regardless of how busy things get during any given time.

2. Online ordering systems makes the food ordering process easier

The integration of online ordering systems within restaurants has been a significant advancement in recent years. A boost in customer convenience paired with fewer errors for businesses have been notable advantages for restaurant owners.

Online platforms streamline order processing which reduces errors that may be found in traditional call-in methods. This results in a more efficient service delivery by operators who can focus on other performance indicators like food quality or preparing dishes faster.

Many eateries now use automated notifications which help kitchen staff start preparing incoming orders immediately.This minimizes errors that may arise during preparation.

Following preparation of orders, restaurants that rely on online ordering systems have options for dispatch including allowing for dine-in options or taking pick-up or delivery requests.

In cases where delivery is needed, drivers are notified automatically by the system with all necessary details about each specific delivery location.

With this tech-savvy tool implemented into their operations, most restaurant processes become automated. From keeping track of inventory levels, customer information, to monitoring order status updates, everything is managed automatically without human intervention.

As each online order comes through, updates get pushed through updated in real-time which gives staff more time devoted entirely towards great service instead of monotonous data entry tasks.

Adopting cutting-edge tech tools like these for efficient management across multiple aspects—including tracking orders from start right through until deliveries are made—has empowered restaurants to offer better services while avoiding costly errors and saving business resources such as valuable time and money.

3. Online ordering targets a tech-savvy demographic

As our society becomes more reliant on technological advancements like smartphones and tablets the convenience of being able to order food with just a few clicks has become the norm.

Customers lead busy lives and want to have meals that are both satisfying and easy to obtain. Therefore online ordering systems have become increasingly popular as they offer efficient ways for modern consumers to satisfy this need.

A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association finds that over 60% of consumers now place food orders online at least once a week and 45% prefers doing so via mobile devices.

This emphasis on flexibility demonstrates how important it is for restaurant businesses today cater specifically towards mobile ordering systems.

As technology advances further, making life even easier than before, customers will continue to rely on online ordering systems for their daily food needs.

Restaurants who successfully implement these mechanisms in their service provision will remain successful and relevant in the current fast-paced tech savvy world we currently reside.

For restaurants seeking increased efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction, adopting an online ordering system can be a smart investment strategy.

4. You enjoy real-time expense monitoring

For restaurant owners, juggling multiple responsibilities keeping track of inventory management can be a daunting task.

However, advancements in online ordering tools have made it simpler than ever before to integrate inventory tracking systems with order portals, reducing the workload while improving accuracy.

This empowers managers to better manage business expenses at a glance without sacrificing valuable time or effort.

Integrating your system with real time inventory tracking enables you to gain greater control over your establishments operations by gaining crucial insights with just a few clicks—this can give you quick insights like identifying fast-selling items and those that require restocking attention.

Restaurant owners must maintain optimal inventory levels to avoid stock shortages and fulfillment delays. Luckily, these online ordering solutions could achieve this effortlessly by setting up alerts triggered once inventory falls below the required level.

Online ordering tools carry powerful reporting capabilities which help restaurant owners gain real-time insights into their sales performance and revenue streams.

This information empowers restaurant operators with valuable knowledge they need to make informed business choices.

5. You get better insights for marketing and sales

Thriving in today's bustling restaurant industry requires more than just good food; establishments must also keep up with shifting market trends and align themselves with consumers' evolving habits.

For instance, did you know that about 56% of millennials report being influenced by their friend's social posting when deciding what to eat?

This phenomenon underscores why having an online ordering system in place is so crucial—beyond streamlining operations, it helps businesses extend their reach further than ever before by acquiring valuable customer insights along the way.

By leveraging the data collected from every order through your food ordering system, restaurants can craft targeted marketing initiatives. This then helps improve the customer experience and foster loyalty amongst regular customers.

Here's an example of this benefit in action:

Say over time you found out through the data in your food ordering system that you see less sales on beverages on weekdays. 

You can then decide to create a targeted campaign that pushes beverages during the weekdays. Perhaps you'll offer a buy one-take one promotion, or offer a daily coupon code exclusive for weekday online orders.

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6. You can serve customers through personalized experiences

Online food ordering systems have created a world of possibilities for people with allergies or dietary restrictions. With hundreds of restaurants listed online, it is now easy for them to locate one close by that meets their requirements.

The platform offers an efficient interface where customers can indicate any allergies or restrictions needed in preparing a dish further.

One significant benefit is the personalized recommendations that come with using these types of platforms: customized suggestions based on previous orders or those of similar clients are suggested, encouraging patrons to sample new dishes they may have overlooked otherwise.

In addition to that, online food ordering provides valuable insights into customer behavior patterns that restaurants might leverage to deliver better experiences.

The system enables restaurants to offer more items popular among particular groups while continuously improving services by incorporating feedback from customers into service delivery processes.

By utilizing customer feedback, businesses can improve the customer experience and show individual customers that their opinions truly matter.

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7. Online ordering systems provide opportunities to foster customer loyalty

E-commerce has made ordering a breeze for patrons, but more importantly, it presents an effortless way for restaurants to implement their promotion and discount strategies.

Providing exclusive deals through your ordering platform incentivizes repeat purchases while cultivating strong patronage relationships and loyalty.

Not just that; offering discounted prices on menu upgrades or adding new options encourages customers to add more to their orders, ultimately increasing revenue in the long run.

Online ordering platforms provide an avenue for loyal customers to seamlessly share feedback, which allows restaurant owners to stay informed of clients' changing tastes and customer preferences with ease.

Listening to your clientele shows that you are committed to delivering quality services and products that meet their evolving needs while fostering brand trustworthiness.

As a restaurant owner, personalized promotional deals alongside feedback loops can significantly enhance the overall customer loyalty while boosting revenue inflows over time.

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8. Online ordering systems come with various customization options 

Online ordering systems like Cococart provide a comprehensive solution for digitalizing your restaurant, offering a wide range of features to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations.

It's made to be a mobile-first customer-friendly online ordering system in a world where consumers order from restaurant businesses through their mobile phone—with no hefty commission fees to boot.

With numerous features available on the platform, it has become every restaurants go-to solution for food entrepreneurs to expand their reach in the digital space.

Some of the most popular online ordering system features from Cococart include: 

Email marketing

The use of email marketing tools enable you to engage with customers, promote special offers, and drive repeat business.

Cococart's email features makes sending personalized offers and discounts more accessible right within your dashboard. You can send to all customers, or narrow down your recipient list to segments based on purchase history and other custom rules you set.

You're also able to collect emails from potential customers to market to them later right from your storefront.

Loyalty program

A loyalty program can be integrated to reward your most dedicated patrons and encourage customer retention.

With Cococart's Loyalty Program feature, points can be rewarded to customers, giving them the chance to use these points from their past purchases to redeem discounts on future purchases. 

Analytics and reports

Within the dashboard, Cococart has a powerful analytics and reports feature to you valuable insights into your operations allowing informed decision making that would help your business optimize better. 


Managing reservations can be rather stressful for food businesses with a physical location, like independent restaurants. This is where Cococart's Bookings feature comes in.

Table reservations can now easily be managed through Cococart, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and staff when it comes to restaurant or café bookings.

Flexible payment processing

Automated payment processing through third-party apps like PayPal simplifies transactions, offering multiple payment options for your customer's convenience.

One of the best things about Cococart is that you can accept any payment method in the world by adding them as an option on your store.

Delivery integrations (select countries)

Cococart's third-party delivery integrations with logistics partners like Lalamove allows you to expand your reach and cater to a wider audience.

An integration like this lets you book on-demand same-day orders, plus automatically create an optimized route—saving you hundreds of hours a week planning your own. No need for food delivery apps; do it all from Cococart.

Custom Themes

With custom themes, you can create a visually appealing and branded online presence that reflects your restaurant's unique identity.

Coco+ Marketing

Marketing support helps you effectively promote your restaurant and attract new customers and drive sales to your ordering platform.

Coco+ is like your marketing coach in your pocket: get personalized insights, advice, and actionable next steps to take your business to the next level. Learn more here.

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