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10 Must-Know Cococart Features to Level Up Your Small Business

Whether you’re currently running your online store on Cococart, or you’re snooping around wondering what Cococart features make it the absolute best, we hope this post shows you exactly what you need to know.

After all, Cococart was built with the mission to help small business owners take back their time and build a beautiful, intuitive online store in as little as 5 minutes.

But it doesn’t end there: Cococart comes with a ton of amazing features built with your business in mind.

Wondering how exactly Cococart helps small business owners like you to make more sales? We can’t think of showing you a better way than with these 10 amazing Cococart features that will help you grow.

Psst! Don’t forget: you can create and launch your store for free to start enjoying some of these features today.

10 Cococart Features to Level Up Your Small Business

1. Custom Coupon Codes

This Cococart feature is perfect for the business owner that loves to spoil their customers with seasonal or regular coupon codes. 

Whether you’re giving away a 10% off coupon code for payday weekend, or want to increase your average order value per customer with minimum spend discounts.

Creating promotions for your store couldn’t be simpler.

With Cococart, create a special coupon code—for example WELOVECOCOCART—then set your discount, which products or fulfillment methods are included for the coupon, and create other conditions for your promotion. 

Here are some ways you can this powerful Cococart feature:

  • Put up seasonal promotions for Christmas, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, etc
  • Encourage customers to buy more with minimum spend discounts
  • Create urgency and quicker checkouts with limited coupons up for grabs, e.g. “For the first 50 people”

Available for: Buy Us A Coffee plans and up

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2. Product Variants, Customizations, and Custom Questions

Do you need to take in extra information from customers buying from you? We’re talking about anything from asking them where they first heard about your shop down to essential information you need to complete their orders.

On Cococart, head on over to the Customizations section of your product dashboard to add options for specific products, e.g. optional add-ons like extra ingredients. 

Adding any Variants lets you create different options of the same product, e.g. size, color, and the like. 

If you want to add a general question that all customers should answer when they order, regardless of what they’re ordering—e.g. “Type any special requests here” or “Where did you hear about us?”—you’ll find that under General settings.

Available for: Free Forever and up

3. Daily Order Summary

Keep track of the day’s sales so you can see your most popular items and track your inventory or raw materials.

With Cococart, it’s easy to see at a glance just which products sold the most, together with the typical fulfillment method chosen using our Daily Order Summary section. 

Want to get the same information across a number of days or weeks? You can select a date range in case you want a bigger picture of how each product is doing.

Available for: Startup and up

4. Detailed Analytics Dashboard

With Cococart’s Analytics dashboard, you get a glimpse of the most important information and data you need for your business to grow.

We have six easy-to-read graphs and charts that give you crucial insight about how your business is doing.

Every business needs to pay attention to its numbers, and we’re making it extremely easy to track and understand how these numbers come into play in your daily operations.

You’re currently able to see a visual report of the following:

  • Total sales (in your local currency)
  • Total orders
  • Average order value
  • Top performing products
  • Percentage of payment methods chosen by customers
  • Percentage of fulfillment methods chosen by customers

Available for: Hobby and up

Want to see a breakdown of the what, why, and how of everything you get in your Cococart Analytics? Read this post for everything you need to know.

5. Custom Logo in Emails

One amazing Cococart feature we’re especially proud of (if we do say so ourselves) is being able to help you send professional order confirmation emails and receipts automatically to customers. 

And if you really want to elevate your small business, it might be time to consider branding these emails with your own logo.

This way, anytime a customer shops from your business, they’re able to get a seamless brand experience that’s all you.

Available for: Business and up

6. Email Reminders for Pickups and Deliveries

Okay, honesty hour: have you ever had a customer say they’ll pick up their order, but when the time came to actually do so…crickets?

It’s happened to the best of us, and that’s why we’ve included this awesome Cococart feature to help you out.

Say hello to automated emails that will promptly remind customers to pick up their orders on the morning of their chosen pickup or delivery date.

To find this feature, head over to the bottom of the Fulfillment section of your Settings, then toggle on Email Reminders. Once on, customers will receive timely emails reminding them about their scheduled pickup. 

Available for: Startup and up

7. Order Cutoffs, Booking Start Dates, and Inventory Management

Depending on the kind of products you’re selling on your Cococart store, you or your customers might need a bit of lead time before their orders get in their hands.

That’s where these powerful Cococart features under the Calendar setting come in.

The Cutoff Date feature is extra handy if you want to make sure customers can only place orders for products a number of days in advance. Use this to:

  • Take pre-orders for special collections
  • Give allowance for personalized or customized orders

On the other hand, if you prefer to set a specific date when customers can begin booking orders—e.g. if you’re going on vacation or have a launch date for your shop—then you’ll want to set a start date.

This is also where you can manage the maximum number of orders for specific products or fulfillment methods in your shop. 

You can set these limits for specific days—for example, if you can only take in 3 orders of cheesecakes on a holiday. Or make sure that this setting is applied daily.

Available for: Free Forever and up; To enable specific cut-off times, Hobby and up

8. Send as Gift

We truly believe one of the best ways a small business can grow is when their customers give their products as gifts to friends.

After all, that’s free advertising for your business, and those recipients could very well turn into future loyal customers.

That’s why one of the very basic features we include in Cococart (for free!) is the ability to let customers send orders as gifts to friends and family.

Enable this as an option under your General settings, and include an optional prompt to include a short personal message alongside their gift.

Available for: Free Forever and up

9. Autofill Returning Customer Info

Did you know that if any customer has ordered from any other Cococart shop, it’ll be so much faster for them to purchase from yours?

Whether you have loyal customers who order from you on a regular basis or if you’ve part of a community of shoppers, you’ll love this amazing Cococart feature.

If a customer has bought from your store or any other Cococart merchant before, then their information is saved and will be auto-filled in their next orders. How cool is that?

This is to make the ordering process faster and easier for your customers (leading to faster checkouts and lowered chances of losing a sale), but it’s also a fantastic reason to start getting your business friends to hop on the best ecommerce platform for home businesses—and, ahem, of course we mean us!

Available for: Free Forever and up

10. Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager ID, and Instagram Shopping

For our slightly more advanced users out there, we know how important it is to grow your business using social media and other powerful tools in the market. That’s why we’ve made Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Instagram Shopping settings available for you.

Here’s a rundown of what you can do with each:

  • Facebook Pixel ID. Make the most of your Facebook and Instagram ads by tracking visitor activity on your accounts, ads, and more.
  • Google Tag Manager ID. With Google Tag Manager, you can set up ways to better track conversions, Google ads, analytics, and more.
  • Instagram Shopping. Verify your Cococart shop link on Instagram by adding your meta-tag from Facebook, then make it easier for customers to shop your products from your Instagram photos and videos. 

Available for: Hobby and up

Time to Level Up Your Business

Not to be biased, but we totally think these Cococart features are exactly what you need to take your small business to the next level. Be sure to explore all these features and more by logging in to your Cococart account or creating your store from scratch (it only takes 5 minutes!). Here’s to you and your business.

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