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Not Eligible for Instagram DM Shopping? Do This Instead. [Updated November 2022]

We love Instagram as much as the next online business, but if there was just one thing we could change, it’s this: the unequal rollout of features that could seriously grow your business. One such feature? Instagram DM Shopping.

What is Instagram DM Shopping? Is it different from Instagram Shopping?

In 2019, Instagram launched its Checkout feature, perfect for businesses and creators alike to help tag products in their posts.

The feature makes it incredibly easy to link to products in your shop, then follow up with an instant checkout—all without letting users leave the app.

This was an incredibly popular feature when it launched, as brands in the US and other eligible countries realized they could make more sales on Instagram with ease through these shoppable posts.

Not only could they tag their own products in their stores, but creators and influencers they worked with on Instagram also could. 

What this meant for businesses around the world was easier checkouts, which meant faster sales as a whole. 

In fact, according to a recent Instagram for Business survey, 44% of surveyed Instagram users use their shopping features.

What is Instagram DM Shopping?

Recently this 2022, Meta announced it was letting select locations enable selling in Instagram Direct.

That means you and your customers are able to use Instagram Direct or chat to discuss products—and directly make a transaction.

Customers are able to transact with business owners, and business owners are able to send their products inside the chat and even request for payments using Meta Pay.

Image source: Meta

Is everyone eligible for Instagram DM Shopping?

The short answer is: no, not every business account is eligible for Instagram Shopping and Instagram's new DM-based Shopping feature.

The long answer is this:

Instagram has since come out with a full list of countries and regions where Instagram Shopping is supported. Two years after Instagram Checkout was released, it has managed to launch to several other regions, but many are still left without access.

The recent DM-based shopping feature is also restricted to certain countries.

The question you might be asking is: what can you do if you’re not eligible for Instagram Shopping features, including its chat-based shopping option?

In this post, we’ll show you the best practices to keep making sales on Instagram, even if you don’t have access to every business feature.

What to do if you’re not eligible for Instagram Shopping: 3 easy steps

Locked out of some Instagram features like Shopping? We don’t blame you. Here’s how to make the most of the situation and still grow your business on the super popular platform.

Create a free Cococart shop

Even if you were eligible for Instagram Shopping, you would’ve had to set up your online store using a paid ecommerce tool like Shopify—which can be way above your budget as someone just starting out.

So the no-brainer option would be to sign up for Cococart, the best free Shopify alternative that lets you have a beautiful, functional store without the steep learning curve.

You can add your first product and start taking orders in a matter of minutes. It’s really that easy.

Don’t believe us? Try signing up for a free account, and see your new store live in just five minutes.

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Add your shop link to your bio

Look, maybe there's a better way to sell than just the DMs.

After all, managing orders through the DMs can take up a lot of valuable time from actually running your business. 

You could be spending those much-needed hours creating new products, making marketing materials, and forging strategic partnerships with other brands and creators. 

Not to mention—manually managing orders without any order management system like you get with Cococart can lead to missed orders and some potentially very unhappy customers!

Cococart gives you a beautiful way to manage orders you get through Instagram chat and DMs.

Now that you’ve set up your free Cococart shop, consider it as your 24/7 salesperson: it’ll take orders for you while you sleep.

To make sure you’re not leaving money on the table with a slow sales cycle, add your Cococart shop URL as your Instagram link in bio.

This way, potential customers can browse your product catalog and check out right away.

Start promoting your shop link

Of course, setting up shop anywhere—Instagram DM Shopping, Shops, or otherwise—is just the beginning. Now it’s time to promote your products and shop.

Commit to creating high quality content that promotes your products. Write clear and captivating CTAs encouraging people to shop on your site, and don’t forget to answer any questions that might come your way.

Start selling on Instagram for free

Just because you’re not eligible for Instagram Shopping right now doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of a tough situation. Follow the three simple steps above to set up a store and start selling on Instagram for free.

Plus, when customers order through DMs, you can send them your Cococart shop link to get their orders easy-peasy.

We can’t wait to see you watch those sales roll in.

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