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What's New at Cococart: June 2023 Edition + What's Next

Every month, we like to send you a roundup of all our noteworthy new things. We’ve got a big new feature we launched in June that we’re incredibly excited to share today—see what it is, how it works, and what it means for the exciting future we’re building at Cococart.

Scan To Order

Meet our biggest release to date: Scan To Order.

Using this feature, you can enable in-store orders and fulfill them in real time.

You can get all the details about how Scan To Order works in our Help documentation, so let us skip to the juicy bits about who and how to use this amazing new addition to our product suite.

Restaurants, cafés, and other retail spaces

One of the most obvious use cases for Scan To Order is if you’re a restaurant, café, or retailer.

Scan To Order lets you minimize lines and waiting times by allowing customers to order through a QR code you display in store.

Because Scan To Order uses payment methods you add to your Cococart store, you can even use it to accept card payments without needing a terminal.

Events and popups

Here’s another cool way to use Scan To Order: if you participate as a vendor at pop-ups or events.

Imagine if you can let customers order ahead of time and skip the line through your Scan To Order QR code. 

And if you want to meet customers where they’re at and take their payments through card, as long as you have card payments enabled on Cococart, you can do that without ever needing a card terminal.

Of course, we’re working extremely hard to make sure this feature meets all your needs in your in-store experience, so this won’t be the last you see about Scan To Order.

Read on to discover exactly what this new feature means for Cococart, and how we’re making our product better—without hiking up our fees.

What Scan To Order means for our future

Cococart started out as an e-commerce company.

We wanted to reinvent the way independent businesses could take their sales, marketing, and fulfillment online.

Today, that mission is more alive than ever.

And as an e-commerce company that started during the height of the 2020 pandemic, for a long time, most of you operated only online, servicing customers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

But through the last three years, we’ve witnessed—and celebrated!—many of you whose online businesses have grown beyond the walls of social media and into the world of offline.

From you participating in countless weekend pop-ups, to opening your first quick-service kiosk, and to opening a dining space for you and customers to call your own…

You’ve shown us that the “e” in e-commerce doesn’t just stand for “electronic.” It stands for “everywhere.”

And Cococart is here to meet you everywhere.

Scan To Order is just the beginning of that step. In coming weeks and months, you’ll see a lot more ways we plan to support you through online and offline channels by releasing new products like:

Coming soon to Cococart

POS app

We know the heart of doing in-store sales is having a reliable, delightful Point-Of-Sale (POS) system—so we’re in early development to make sure we give you the best cloud POS app on the market, made with our signature delightful touch.

In-store loyalty app

We heard how much you loved our Loyalty feature for your online store—so what if we had something up our sleeves to get that experience in a physical space as well?

A better, faster storefront

While we love the Cococart storefront we’ve had since we launched, we know it could use some updates. We’re committing to making the storefront better, faster, and more reliable so that you make more money from your favorite platform. (We hope we’re your favorite!)

Other noteworthy changes

We can’t help mentioning: Cococart might be building more products to support more ways to run a business, but we’re still just as committed to making online selling easier and more delightful.

So even if you only use Cococart’s e-commerce features, we’re constantly making the experience better for you too!

That said, Scan To Order isn’t all we did this month. Check out our other must-know updates below:

A shiny new Notification Center

Don’t want to miss an update? We’ve just launched a new notification center from your dashboard!

Now you can see updates related to new orders, pending payouts, and more.

Huge stability and speed improvements

We’ll skip the technical talk and just say this: we spent a lot of time this month making all of Cococart more reliable for you and your customers.

We rewrote thousands of lines of code just to:

  • Make your storefront load lightning fast for buyers
  • Reduce downtime of our product
  • Improve payments reliability
  • …and more changes you might not feel but are certainly there ;)

Stay tuned for more updates

We hope you’re as excited for Cococart’s future as we are—and we can’t wait to ship out these new products for you to make managing your business a breeze.

Missed last month’s What’s New edition? Catch what we shipped in May here.

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