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What's New at Cococart: May 2023 Edition

Nothing makes us happier than shipping out new features and improvements to make your Cococart experience better—well, maybe the one thing that beats that high is the high we get when we tell you all about it. 

Here’s everything about what we launched in May.

Cococart order status tracking for customers

Customers keep asking you where their orders are after they’re approved? Well, now they can see for themselves with our new Order Tracking page.

After an order is approved, customers will see a Track my order button included in their receipt. 

The button then takes them to a page where they can see an overview of where their order is, together with a summary of their fulfillment method. 

If they added in a delivery address with their order, they’ll also see the pinned location.

This won’t be the last you’ll hear about this feature, as we’re already eyeing some improvements to this down the road. Stay tuned for those!

Available for: All users

One-click reordering

A not-so-secret secret about us folks here at Cococart: we’re obsessed with making you more sales and more money.

That’s why we continue to experiment and launch different features that make it possible to increase your sales—without you having to lift a finger.

And it’s because of that obsession that our newest improvement, One-click Reordering, was born.

This feature goes hand in hand with the nifty Order Tracking page we mention above. Now, customers can not only see their order status—but even have an easy way to reorder everything in their cart with one click.

Of course, they’ll be taken back to your Cococart shop, where they’re free to add, remove, or edit products in their cart. And we made sure no one can reorder any products that are out of stock or unavailable.

Available for: All users

Order editing for automated payments

ICYMI: you’ve always been able to edit orders on Cococart, provided that these are orders paid via manual payment methods you have, such as cash.

But we heard that you’ve been itching for the same functionality for any order, even if it was paid through automated payment methods, like credit cards.

Your requests did not fall on deaf ears because we’re pleased to report that we just launched the ability to edit all types of orders.

Note: if you edit an order that was paid via automated payment methods, you’ll need to either collect or refund any outstanding balances to customers yourself.

We’ve also added new fields to the order details to let you know how much your original order total was, together with the changes you might have made.

Available for: All users

Order printing app (beta)

Here’s a biggie: we’ve just launched the first version of our very own app to print incoming orders automatically!

You can now keep track of your orders more easily and never have to miss a single one.

The new Cococart for Business app works with Bluetooth receipt printers that support ESC/POS, including all Epson receipt printers.  Find more details here.

We’re currently in early stages of testing the app with users, so keep an eye out for more details about the app, how it works, what printers you can support, and everything you need to get started.

How do I get early access to the app?

In the meantime, we’re always happy to onboard new beta testers for our major features!

If you’d like to be one of the first to test out our order printing app with your Cococart store, then send us an email with the subject line: “I’d like beta access to Order Printing, please!”, and mention “iPhone” or “Android” in your email to let us know which type of phone you use. We’ll then send you a link to download the Cococart for Business app!

Available for: Early access users

Our new and improved interface

Finally, one of the biggest updates you might have already seen is that we’ve refreshed the entire look and feel of our dashboard! Talk about a glow-up.

Of course, these aren’t just cosmetic changes—we’ve made sure that the new look is also a completely improved experience for you.

We’re obsessed with making sure everything about Cococart makes running your business easy and delightful. And we thought: if you’re spending the most time on our dashboard, how can we make that promise come alive?

You can learn more about all the changes and improvements we’ve made in this article.

Available for: All users

Take your business further with Cococart

Did you enjoy these latest updates? We’re hard at work to give you more and deliver the best possible value.

Also, we hope some of these improvements also give you a peek at where Cococart is going and how we’re evolving to be a better, more powerful, more complete suite of tools for local businesses like yours.

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