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6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Name for Your Online Shop

Names are important. It’s how we introduce ourselves and how first impressions are formed. That’s why putting thought into your store’s brand name is crucial if you’re serious about building an online business.

Here, we dive into some of the best tips to help you sieve through your long list of potential brand names and pick one that will help you stand out from the crowd!

Keep it short and catchy

A great brand name is one that sticks. Memorable, catchy brand names keep your brand top of mind. That’s a quality that new businesses need to take advantage of.

Unlike established businesses with years of credibility, new businesses need to make use of every opportunity to strike an impression. Having a short, catchy store name can do just that.

Here are some examples of catchy brand names we love:

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a fastfood chain that’s known for its burgers and hot dogs. Founded in 2004, they’re pretty new to the fast-food industry. While their amazing products have a hand in their success, their memorable name also helps them stand out from their competition.


Like Shake Shack, Gymshark is a relatively new brand. Their brand name is catchy and reflects strength, which is associated with fitness.


Colourpop’s brand name is fun and easy to remember. It’s a great name that draws your attention to their wide range of makeup which comes in an array of tones.

Consider your brand persona

Choosing a brand name that reflects your brand persona will help you create a brand image in your customers’ minds.

As you’re choosing your brand name, you’ll want to think about the personality of your brand and how it relates to your customers.

Are you looking to build a fun, lively brand that’s relatable to youths? Or are you building a luxury brand that’s elegant and poised? 

These considerations will help you narrow down your list. Keeping your brand name consistent with your brand voice is crucial in building your business.

Go for timeless, not trendy

If you’re creating a fun, lively brand, you might be tempted to use trendy slang inspired by the internet. While that can leave an impression for a time, it wouldn’t last long.

Trends come and go. Before you know it, the slang you used in your business name might be out of fashion.

Instead of jumping on trends, go with a name that’s timeless to build a sustainable business in the long run.

Know your audience’s level of expertise

Before starting your business, you’ll want to do some market research. Think about the niche you’re going into, and the ideal customer for your business.

If you’re in the tech niche and you’re thinking of selling to customers who know very little about your products, you can choose abstract names. 

A great example is Sony—an electronic goods company. Its name is derived from the word sonus which means sound in Latin. Sony’s sleek and abstract name is memorable and helps low-knowledge consumers associate its brand with progress and innovation.

If you’re targeting consumers who have high technical knowledge about the products you’re selling, use a name that’s directly associated with the quality of your goods. That’s why luxury cosmetic labels often use the name of their founding designers. 

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Make it obvious

Business names that spell out the market you’re in can help you make the right impression easily. Brands like Suit Supply and Gymshark immediately signal to consumers what industry they’re in.

If you find it difficult to come up with an abstract name, the safest route is to incorporate your niche in your business name.

Customers who are interested in looking for specific goods and services will know that you have what they’re looking for instantly. 

Here’s another added advantage—having your niche in your brand name helps you with SEO. It gives you lots of opportunities to rank when people are looking for brands in your niche!

Make sure the domain is available

If you’re serious about your business, you’ll want to get a custom domain for your website. Owning a (dot)com domain always helps to build your brand image and your business’ credibility.

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