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Top 18 Food Bloggers in the Philippines to Boost Your Online Business Growth in 2023

If you run a food business in the Philippines and are looking to grow your online sales in 2023, read on!

Food bloggers are one of the best ways to get into the business, and a well-placed collaboration can be the rocket that gives your business the exposure it needs.

We're excited to introduce you a 2023 list of Philippine Food Bloggers we've identified as potential collaborators for your online store. Not only do these folks have great taste in food, but they also know how to use the power of social media to build influence.

Cococart has identified 18 food bloggers dedicated to helping your home-based businesses!

  1. @juanbigbite
  3. @foodaideals
  4. @thecravingcassie
  5. @cheatdaycheska
  6. @YourLocalGeniePh
  7. @abigailfmarquez
  8. @lokalfeatureph
  10. @dishperiments
  11. @coffeenotesbyj
  12. @coffeecrawlseries
  13. @unshakablefoodie
  14. @thehungrycrusader
  15. @anonyfoodph
  16. @bibingkang_kanin
  17. @kaintayo_cravings
  18. @lokal_manila

Started “out of boredom during quarantine last year”, Juanbigbite brings us up close and personal with the food, featuring a wide variety of meals that will make you drool. His use of natural lighting produces soft and gentle pictures that flatter the food and give it an authentic vibe.

Juanbigbite: “As the son of entrepreneur parents, supporting local businesses is very important for me — which I do through food reviews on my page and spreading the good word on products I genuinely love.” is an Instagram account that posts food photos from all over the Philippines, showing off the best of what the country has to offer. They have over 16k followers and their feed is constantly filled with delicious-looking food from all over the country.


Foodaiddeal’s striking backgrounds give a nice contrast to the featured foods, and his distinctive voice shines through in his fun, lighthearted reviews.

An outspoken supporter of local businesses, he offers free reviews and has monthly collabs saved as highlights on his Instagram page for quick reference.

Foodaiddeal: "I’m Aide! An IT Analyst by day and Food Blogger by night. I normally help small local businesses by reviewing their products and help them boost their following on Instagram."

The Craving Cassie is a passion project of Cassie & Jeffrey, a Q.C. based couple, who initially made an Instagram blog to support their family & friends' businesses.

What started as "just a hobby" during the early days of quarantine has now become an avenue to promote other small & medium enterprises.

The couple strives to captivate their audiences with their crave-worthy photos and brief but honest reviews! Discover something new with them & #LetsGetCraving!

Cheatdaycheska: “Beyond our shared passion for food, Cheat Day Cheska stands as a platform that recognizes and appreciates the creations of our cooks & bakers. Through honest, thorough, and uplifting reviews, Cheat Day Cheska strives to help partners curate even better products to share with the world — all while allowing her followers to share in the experience of every foodventure firsthand.”

With stunning closeups and a keen eye for color composition, YourLocalGeniePh accompanies her gorgeous pictures with comprehensive reviews.

As a firm advocate of local businesses, last Christmas she hosted a giveaway for free food photography to 3 lucky local shops, and plans to continue supporting the local scene.

YourLocalGeniePh: “Hello I'm Yssa! YourLocalGeniePh Is the fruit of my love for both food and photography.

"I've seen potential in a lot of home-based businesses. I'm eager to help them from reviewing their offerings to giving away FREE Food Photography Services.”

If you're looking for a food content creator who can showcase the best of Filipino cuisine, Abigail Marquez is your girl. Abigail Marquez is a Filipina food influencer who has been making waves in the online food community with her beautiful food photography and engaging recipe content. Also known as the lumpia queen, she has amassed over 566K followers on Instagram and over 2.4 million views on her TikTok.

@lokalfeatureph highlights the latest trends in the Philippines' vibrant food industry and showcases the best Filipino restaurants that are currently making waves in the market. Their blog provides readers with an immersive experience of the world of Filipino cuisine by bringing insider information on food trends, restaurant reviews, product brands, and local accommodations for locals in the Philippines. is an account run by Allan and Peachy. Their account has over 16K followers. Allan and Peachy visit restaurants, cafes, and stalls in the Philippines, trying different food there, and reviewing them on their channel. They have a wide range of cuisines. They also work with food brands to promote their products on their channel.

Dani and Ken are the creative minds behind Forking Good Studio. They are food enthusiasts who take their love of cooking and combine it with their passion for photography to create stunning, mouth-watering food images that will leave you craving more.

Dani and Ken do more than take pretty pictures. They also use their skills to help small business owners create stunning food photography to showcase their products. With their expertise, they help these businesses stand out and attract more customers with delicious, eye-catching images.

@CoffeeNotesByJ is a talented content creator who has 17K followers for her unique content. Her passion for coffee, combined with her creative talent, has allowed her to create a niche that has become one of the popular coffee influencers in the Philippines.

As her name suggests, CoffeeNotesByJ primarily focuses on coffee-related content. She shares her knowledge of coffee brewing methods, techniques, equipment, and cafe reviews through her Instagram channel.


Are you a coffee lover in the Philippines? Or do you just want to find a new spot to relax? Look no further than reviews from @coffeecrawlseries.

The Coffee Crawl Series aims to highlight the best cafes in the Philippines. Their reviews are thorough and informative, covering everything from the quality of the coffee to the atmosphere and overall experience of each cafe.

Salie is one of the more popular food influencers in the Philippines, with over 30k followers on her account. She has a passion for exploring the vibrant and diverse culinary scene in the Philippines and posts regularly about new restaurants and dining experiences. In addition to restaurant reviews, @unshakablefoodie also works with brands to help promote their food and new promo on her channel. Her partnership with brands is a win-win situation, as they get exposure to her engaged and enthusiastic audience.


@thehungrycrusader is another dynamic food influencer based in the Philippines with over 31K followers on her instagram. Her passion for food has taken her on a culinary journey around the country, where she explores and reviews new restaurants and cafes, promoting them on her social  channels.

Food enthusiast @anonyfoodph has a rapidly growing following of 4K on Instagram, where she showcases her love for food through aesthetically pleasing photographs. Her signature style is her use of vibrant and vivid colours, which make her images stand out from the rest.

With high production value pictures in every post, Bibing Kanin is sure to work up your appetite. We especially like their knack for diving into the story behind the businesses that they feature, providing a compelling narrative and human touch.

is another food influencer with over 18,000 followers on Instagram. She visits different restaurants, cafes and food spots across the Philippines, trying out their signature dishes and sharing her honest reviews with her followers.

A wife and “Mompreneur”, Loka_Manila is popular for her detailed and varied reviews. As a busy working mom, she provides a unique perspective to her posts, highlighting businesses that make juggling domestic and working life a snap.

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