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10 Best Melbourne Food Blogs to Get Massive Reach in 2023

Attention, Melbourne food businesses: you’ll want to get your business out there with the help of these awesome food bloggers in Melbourne. We’re making it easier for you by listing down some up-and-coming food blogs that any small food business or bakery might be able to partner with, as well as some bigger blogs if you want to shoot for the stars.

Ready to reach more customers by leveraging these influencers’ audiences? Let’s go through our list of top picks.

  1. @agreekable
  2. @melbourne.foodblogger
  3. @breakfast_adventurers
  4. @alexsfoodfieadventures
  5. @burg.her
  6. @melbournefoodbloggers
  7. @ieatblog
  8. @eatyourmelbs
  9. @penguineats
  10. @melbfoodieee


First up on our list is Anastasia of agreekable. She’s a Melbourne food blogger with tens of thousands of followers—and it’s hard not to see why with her colorful food photography, engaging videos, and viral Reels. The best part? She’s open to working with Melbourne-based food businesses like yours! Reach her through the email address listed on her Instagram account.


Operating under the guise of anonymity is melbourne.foodblogger with currently over twenty thousand followers on Instagram. They’ve racked up a following for dropping some must-try eats around the city, complete with beautiful food photography to make their followers’ mouths water. Think you can get them to feature your joint? Drop them a hint on Instagram and they just might reply!


Paige is a Melbourne food blogger who’s racked up a following with her bright and airy food photography, detailed writeups, and honest reviews. By working with her, you can be assured that you’ll get Feed-worthy features every time. Interested to work with Paige? Send her a DM on Instagram for a potential feature.


Meet Alex, an up and coming Melbourne food blogger that’s got a growing community you can get in front of. She’s got an engaged following that’s checking out where she’s eating (and drinking) next. Her TikTok currently has upwards of twenty thousand followers, so hit her up on her Instagram DMs or email to strike up a partnership.


Behind the lens shooting gorgeous food photos is Allegra of burg.her. She blogs about her food trips around Melbourne, Byron Bay, and beyond. With a background in food photography, you can be sure that every photo from a feature is mouth watering enough to rack up some interested eyeballs and tummies. Send her a DM on Instagram to get your food business in front of her audience.


Don’t let the similar handles fool you; melbournefoodbloggers is also a relatively anonymous food trip account but is completely separate from the earlier melbourne.foodblogger account we mentioned. This Instagram account features some great Melbourne food businesses, big and small, through appetizing photos and the occasional vlog. Want to invite them over for a collaboration? Send them a DM on IG and send them your stuff.


Thanh is the face of everything you see behind ieatblog, a food blog dedicated to all things Melbourne and beyond. Want to know a not-so-secret secret? Some of Thanh’s favorite foods to feature are smallgoods, pickles, fruits, viennoiserie, and the occasional wine and whisky. Does your Melbourne food business fit his bill? Send him a DM with your best temptations.


Kerri is the namesake of kerthefoodie, a Melbourne food blog that has some of the prettiest food flatlays you’ll see. Work with her to get some delectable shots of your bestselling food items and dishes, and start making her audience and yours crave your stuff. If you’re interested to work with this creative Melbourne food blogger, then hit her up on Instagram DMs or her email.


Operating under the pseudonym Penguin is the unbiased Melbourne food blog and reviewer penguineats. They’ve amassed a following for doing honest and raw reviews of the food they try—so they’re not for the faint of heart! But if you’re confident that your dishes will get a glowing review, we think you should definitely get in touch. Want to learn how? Send them a DM on Insta.


Aileen Wu runs her Melbourne food blog melbfoodieee and serves as her food diary. She’s gained a following for making some fun and beautiful Reels and videos of the things she’s been hankering for and loving. This creative foodie should definitely be on your list of food bloggers you should set your sights on. Fortunately, you can collab with Aileen to get on her blog by reaching out to her email.

Which Melbourne food blogs will you partner up with?

Whether or not this is your first influencer outreach campaign or your hundredth, we hope these fresh Melbourne food blogs will get the right eyes on your business. When in doubt, follow some best practices to score some influencer deals, and you’ll be rolling around in those partnerships in no time.

Is reaching out to Melbourne influencers keeping your hands tied? Focus on the most important things to get your business out there, and leave messy order systems in the past. To help you run your food business better without selling in the DMs, sign up for a Cococart store—it’s absolutely free.

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