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3 Ways to Improve Instagram Presence for Your Home Business

In this digital age, social media presence has become an increasingly important part of growing a business.

As one of the main means of acquiring customers and building buzz around your business, a solid social media strategy can be the difference between a successful start up, or a failed flop.

Here are 3 quick tips to improve your networking and be a real Insta Influencer.

  1. Schedule regular posts for your account
  2. Make use of analytics
  3. Keep your DMs clear

1. Schedule regular posts for your account.

Consistency is key to keep your content at the top of the page and at the front of people’s minds. While it can be difficult to regularly update and maintain your account, there are plenty of options to help you automate that process.

Facebook’s in-built Creator Studio lets you schedule posts to go live at a later date, while third-party sites like Later offer additional analytics and a media library to organize your photos.

Scheduling posts lets you save time by planning out a week’s worth of posts in one sitting rather than having to remember day by day. This also frees up the rest of your week to focus on other aspects of your burgeoning business

2. Make use of analytics

Now that you’ve got a consistent schedule, it’s time to take your content to the next level. Make use of Instagram Insights to get a better grasp of your posts’ performance, and optimise your social media strategy.

As a quick start, you could look at the behavior of your current followers, taking note of when they are most active and scheduling your posts around that time.

You can also make use of your follower demographics to inform your ad targeting - if your content already appeals strongly to a certain group, you’re likely to continue to find success pushing ads to them.

Insights are also available for individual posts, allowing you to conduct on the fly content testing, to see what kind of approach works for you.

Do shared stories of people chowing down on your treats entice people to buy some for themselves? Or do they want an inside look at your homemade baking process, made with love and care? Use Insights to your advantage and find out!    

3. Keep your DMs clear

One of the biggest advantages of social media over conventional mediums like TV or print is the personalised touch that it can bring. For home businesses, this is especially important as that one-on-one interaction is the biggest differentiator between you and other large competitors.

When it comes to customer support, responding quickly is essential. That can be easy when you’re starting out and only have one or two customers a day. But as your base grows, you might find yourself overwhelmed with a flood of messages from prospective customers.

One good way to go about this is to take note of the most common questions asked by customers, and create a story highlight with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re still using DMs to take orders, separating your order flow can help to free up your communication channels, rather than having customers lost among a sea of routine orders.

Cococart is an online order system that comes with a whole host of features, such as managing payments, coupon systems, and scheduling delivery dates. And the best part is it’s free!

Social media has acted as the great equaliser between large corporations and home businesses. With these tips in mind, go out and show the world what you’re made of - start your website with Cococart and share it on your Instagram bio to start making sales!

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