Struggling to Grow Your Home Based Business? Food Photographers Might be the Answer

As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular among buyers and sellers alike, many amateur cooks and bakers have taken to selling their creations online for fun and profit. But why do some home based businesses take off, while others struggle to grow?

The answer might be right in front of your eyes - literally. When it comes to making sales. first impressions count, and the difference between a professionally staged photograph and a quick snap on your phone could be the decision maker in whether you convert that customer.

Luckily for all those foodtrepreneurs, professional looking food photography is now more accessible than ever! Here are our picks for food photographers open to collaboration with home based businesses - no matter which country you’re from.

Singapore: @n3fn3f

Singapore: @n3fn3f

With hundreds of photoshoots under her belt, Oktaviani FenFen (@n3fn3f) has an eye for aesthetic and style that produces drool-worthy pictures. From cakes to burgers to satay, she’s handled it all, and is sure to provide that product picture or cover photo that your home business needs.

Philippines: @foodjographer

A versatile and skilled photographer, Foodjographer is comfortable shooting in a variety of styles, finding the perfect shot to complement your culinary creation. The clear, high resolution photos almost make you feel like reaching into the frame and grabbing a bite to eat yourself!

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