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#TeamCoco: Meet our Performance Marketer, Joon Mann

Here at Cococart, we pride ourselves in our diversity and inclusivity, with teammates from all over the world with different beliefs and backgrounds.

We started off this series last month with our queen of Operations herself, and we're only just getting started with showing you the many faces behind our product and what goes on in our small but strong team.

This time, we’re featuring Joon Mann (he/him), our very own Performance Marketer, resident oppa (it's an inside joke, we swear!), account manager extraordinaire, and advertising whiz.

Meet Joon Mann

Hi, Joon Mann! I'm glad you want to tell the world what Cococart's resident oppa's day in the life looks like. Kidding! Anyway before I get carried away, why don't you tell me why you wanted to work at Cococart?

Joon Mann: I spent a great part of my career in advertising prior to joining Cococart. Part of what I do was to build clients their own ecommerce store using platforms like Wordpress & Woocommerce. So the usual process to build a site took quite awhile and was already quite complicated even for developers—and that changed when I stumbled upon Cococart.

It was like love at first encounter. The UI was so simple to navigate, and starting your own store was a breeze. So I knew then and there that Cococart was on to something and I wanted to be part of that story.

By then, I was also looking for an opportunity to bring my skillset and experience to a global level. And it just so happened I saw an opening for the performance marketing role, and the rest was history.

When he's not killing it with an ads manager, Joon Mann's killing it with a camera.

A) I love that, and couldn't agree more. B) Here's my next question: why don't you tell our audience what it's like being a Performance Marketer here?

Joon Mann: In a nutshell, I do online media buying for Cococart and its merchants. My day-to-day requires me to be involved in the creative process for building ads, [then] running and optimizing them.

We also have a new program called Coco+ where our existing and new merchants can subscribe and allow us to help them increase their revenue through ads management.

So I also spend a great deal of my day just speaking, managing, and reporting our merchant’s ads.  

Guess we can say you're the reason so many people hear about Cococart (and our merchants) through ads! So why don't you tell me what your favorite part about your job is?

Joon Mann: I love how the company has been quite open to testing new ideas. Not a lot of companies out there gives you the kind of freedom to test out creatives or media buy strategies—understandably, because they work on a tighter budget or strict KPIs.

But I'm glad that, here at Cococart, we’re able to test as much as we can until we find some sort of winning formula.

Of course, my favorite moments would be the times our merchant are happy that we’ve manage to increase their sales over sustained period. That gives me a lot of satisfaction in my work.

And what are your favorite parts about working at a company like Cococart?

Joon Mann: I love the challenge the work brings. It's fast-paced, and everyone is focused on getting sh*t done.

There are a lot of cross-functional collaborations as well, so you’re not just learning new things about your own role but others' [like product, data, and engineering] too. On top of that: everyone is super helpful too. It's not hard to reach out and ask for help from anyone, anytime.

Aw, I love that about our culture too. Ooh, now we've come to the most exciting question. You were just named Cococart Ruler of the Day! What’s your first decree?

Joon Mann: I would send the entire company to a retreat.

But here’s the twist: the entire trip would be randomized. No one will know where we are going until the day we leave. There won’t be any accommodations booked or schedule of events. We—the company as a whole—would need to decide how to work together to make the retreat a success. Now, that’s taking company retreat to a whole new level. :P

More bonus Joon Mann photography!

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