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Want Cococart to Grow Your Sales for You? Here’s How

So you’ve made the fantastic decision to take your business online with Cococart. Wonderful!

(And if you stumbled upon this article by chance, you should really watch this video to see how Cococart works.)

As a smart and savvy entrepreneur that’s now saving hours each week from manually taking orders via messaging apps, you might now be thinking:

How do I get more sales to my Cococart shop?

How do you?

You might’ve even thought…

“Can Cococart grow my sales for me?” 

Well, consider yourself Aladdin that just rubbed a magic lamp because your wish is our command. 

We are incredibly excited to unveil Coco+, our newest done-for-you marketing service designed just for local entrepreneurs like you.

Read on to discover why Coco+ is the no-brainer choice for all local entrepreneurs online.

What is Coco+?

So we just told you that Coco+ is meant to be the game-changing way any local business can grow their sales online.

But we haven’t told you exactly what it is yet.

Before we show you how this new service works, here’s the down and dirty.

Coco+ is a fully managed marketing program for Cococart users to get more sales using social media ads.

The keywords there are fully managed and social media ads

We recently discovered that many independent businesses like yours have a hard time getting started with paid social media efforts. 

And it’s not hard to see why. Social media advertising is a different ballgame—you need to know how to design ads and write copy that convert, optimize campaigns, use A/B tests, and read complex charts and reports…among a million other things you’re taking care of for your business.

You when you realize you have to design ads, write copy, set up Pixel, run targeting, read reports, and optimize results

For some of you daring enough to venture into paid marketing like ads, you might try boosting your posts (which is just burning money for a vanity metric like reach). 

Or you might work with a cheap agency (that doesn’t deliver results and runs off with your hard-earned money).

Either case isn’t great. You come out of these activities feeling burned, so you try to get back on the social media hamster wheel, producing content nonstop in the hopes of attracting more customers fast.

You after trying and failing at paid ads.

That’s unfortunately not how social media platforms were built. In this day and age, you unfortunately need to pay to play.

But with a lot at stake, we understand why a lot of local businesses refuse to try again—or even try at all.

And that’s why Coco+ was born. 

What is Coco+?

Here at Cococart, we know there’s a huge opportunity for local businesses to reach more customers and make sales with an effective social media ads strategy

But we don’t want our users to commit to anything that just takes their hard-earned cash without any guarantee of a return on investment.

Because it’s at the core of our business to make running your business simpler and easier, instead of giving you that effective ads strategy, we want to do it all for you—with none of the risk.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. But we’re doing it anyway, all in the name of our mission to turn homegrown businesses into household brands. 

How exactly does Coco+ work, and what should you expect? Let’s talk about that right now.

How can Cococart increase your sales?

Using our tried and tested 3-step framework, we’ve developed Coco+ to become an absolute game-changer for local businesses looking to scale.

Beautifully designed ads that take away the guesswork

What kind of ads work on social media? How do you present your products in the best possible way?

These are all questions you don’t need to answer with Coco+ because our brilliant team knows all the ins and outs of high-converting ad design.

Whether you already have an existing brand or are still figuring things out, the team here at Cococart knows how to make your ads shine.

Your ads, managed by a world-class marketing team

We treat your business like it’s our business. 

That’s why we’re pleased to tell you that Coco+ is run by the same world-class marketing team that takes care of our own ads, so you know you’re getting the best care and attention every time. 

We take away the risk of advertising

Look, we know how risky it can be to start investing in paid advertising.

If you do it yourself, you run the risk of doing it wrong.

If you engage with an experienced freelancer or agency, you have to pay a hefty management fee on top of an already-prohibitive ad budget.


With Coco+, we take away those risks. Not only do you have our professional marketing team running your ads for you, but we also make advertising more accessible.

That's because Coco+ comes with zero management fees on top of your ad spend. Whatever you put in for your ads, we use in its entirety to grow your business and get more sales to your Cococart shop.

Why are we so generous, you might ask?

The reason’s simple: it’s our mission to make online business simpler and easier, and that means making strategies like paid advertising more accessible to every local business owner out there.

How does Coco+ work exactly?

Here’s the lowdown of what to expect when you’re part of the Coco+ program:

  1. First, fill out this form for our team to get in touch about your business and goals.
  2. Set your ad budget for the month. You’ll need a budget of at least $499 to see results.
  3. Our team will be in touch with you about your brand and business, so you can share with us any useful information and assets, such as logos and product photos. 
  4. Don’t have professional product photos? No problem! Our team can help you navigate this too.
  5. Give our design masters a bit of time to create your beautiful ads, then let us know if you approve of them.
  6. Once that’s set, our talented performance marketers take your newly-designed ads and build the campaign to get you more eyeballs—and especially sales—to your Cococart shop.
  7. You'll be able to view your reports on demand inside your Cococart dashboard. Once enrolled, look for the Coco+ tab on the sidebar.

How to try Coco+

Interested? Learn more about Coco+ on this page, or register your interest now for a member of the team to get in touch.

Your Success is Our Success

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