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The Best FREE Etsy Alternative: Cococart

Are you looking for a free Etsy alternative that won’t charge you ridiculous fees? You deserve a platform that lets you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

In this post, let’s take a look at why Cococart should be your next best bet if you’re looking to switch away from Etsy.

Why look for an Etsy alternative with no fees?

Earlier in 2022, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman announced that the online marketplace was raising its transaction fees from 5% to 6.5% in April.

The increase would only cover transaction fees for purchases made on the platform, but the company made no adjustments to their other mandatory fees.

According to Silverman, the increase in fees would help cover Etsy’s improvements in marketing, seller tools, and more.

Sellers, of course, were outraged by the decision, feeling as though Etsy was taking advantage of their work and giving them little room to profit.

According to longtime Etsy merchants, this increase means basic fees of the platform will have more than doubled in four years.

As a result, several thousand Etsy sellers have even gone on strike this week while encouraging buyers to boycott the platform too. 

As of writing, Etsy has made no response to the strike.

Because of this, it may be high time to consider an Etsy alternative that doesn’t come with steep transaction fees.

Enter Cococart.

cococart free website

Why is Cococart the best free Etsy alternative?

We’re not going to bore you with the details. Here’s why we think Cococart should be on any Etsy seller’s radar, especially if you want to take home more money from your work.

Minimal to no transaction fees

With Cococart, your customers can pay you directly to your bank account—cutting out any transaction fees that other platforms might take from you.

This means it’s totally possible to earn using Cococart and have absolutely zero transaction fees.

If you enable automated payment methods for your shop, you may notice a small convenience fee charged by Cococart’s third party payment providers. 

Compared to Etsy’s 6.5% fee, however, our third party payment processors such as Stripe only take 0.5% on top of their other card fees.

Cococart stripe

Zero listing fees

You can start selling your products on Cococart for free and take home all the profit because aside from having virtually zero transaction fees, Cococart does not charge listing fees to use the platform.

At Cococart, we believe you deserve to get more out of your hard work.

That’s why we will never charge you hidden fees on top of optional subscription fees for premium features and third-party transaction fees.

Avoid pricing for marketplaces

One of the biggest benefits of having your own free ecommerce store is avoiding the pitfalls of competing with online marketplaces.

In marketplaces like Etsy, you have to compete with others on the platform—and you might pay the price for doing so, literally.

You could have a fantastic product, but if shoppers are buying for price, then you might not be able to turn a good profit by pricing higher than the competition.

While marketplaces do have their place in business, especially as far as brand awareness goes, it’s always a good idea to have your own online store, where you call the shots and price competitively. 

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Faster payouts

Another big reason you should consider Cococart as your Etsy alternative? You skip the long payout times!

With Etsy, getting paid for your work can take up to 45 days. That’s over a month of waiting to receive the money you worked hard for.

Cococart doesn’t let you wait long. You get paid for your sales between three to five business days, so you get faster paydays every time.

More control over your store branding

Personal branding goes a long way. On a marketplace like Etsy, you aren’t able to brand your own storefront since you’re playing by Etsy’s rules. 

With Cococart, customizing your store is possible. You can add custom color themes to make your shop come alive, or add About and FAQ pages that customers won’t miss on your homepage.

Create about page cococart

Build your brand and business without hefty fees

If you’re convinced that you want to take home more of your hard-earned cash, then it’s high time you start looking into starting your own free ecommerce store.

And Cococart just happens to be the best no fee Etsy alternative on the market. Don’t believe us? Try setting up a free account and see the difference today.


Should I sell my crafts on marketplaces or my own ecommerce website?

You can opt to sell your crafts on your own ecommerce website or in a marketplace. Marketplace examples include Lazada, Shopee, Amazon and Carousell.

Both options have their pros and cons. Read this guide to find out more.

Do I need to register my business to sell crafts online?

That totally depends on your governmental regulations. If you're operating a home based business, you'll need to register your business with ACRA. Read this guide to find out how you can set up your business in Singapore

How much does it cost to set up my home based business?

It depends on your industry, your ingredients, or materials used. The cost of registering your business on ACRA costs $300 (one-time fee). Read this guide to learn more.

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