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8 Premium Features to Boost Your Online Sales on Cococart

Starting an ecommerce business is simple—the tricky part’s sustaining it and bringing in sales. If you’re serious about growing your business online, you’ll need the right tools. 

In this article, we’ll be introducing some of Cococart’s best premium features that are designed  to help you boost your sales online. Read on to find out how you can leverage these tools and start scaling your business! 

Spruce up your website with color themes

First impressions matter. That’s why we’ve introduced color themes for merchants to customize their online shop fronts on the premium plan.

If you’re on the free Cococart account, you’ll get to customize your welcome page with your brand logo, title, and additional information. That may give your store a brand identity, but it’s really just the starting point.

Every successful business needs to have a unique brand image, and this applies to small businesses too. Don’t believe us? Just look at the stats. Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%. 

Cococart’s color themes are designed to bring consistency to your business’ branding across all channels. With color themes, you can choose from preset palettes or customize your own! 

Not sure how to develop your brand colors? Refer to our branding guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Nail the sale with custom promo codes

Everyone loves discounts! That’s why promo codes are great at driving sales for your business

If you’re on the free Cococart plan or you’re still taking orders through DMs, you might be processing coupon codes manually. That’s a cost-effective but time-consuming way to run your business.

Processing coupons on DMs, Whatsapp, and free online forms are a hassle – you’ll need to calculate and keep track of discounted orders on your own. For instance, if you’re running a free 20% off with a minimum spend requirement, you’ll need to: 

1) Check if customers have met the minimum spend requirement

2) Calculate the total bill and send an invoice to your customers

3) Wait for customers to pay before you process their order

Cococart’s custom promo code feature is designed to help take that off your plate. If you’re on a premium account, you can toggle your custom promo codes easily under the promotions tab.

You’ll get to customize your promo code for an entire order or specific products and even choose from different forms of discounts.

In order to scale and make more sales, you’ll need to have streamlined processes. The promo code feature makes it easy for busy small business owners like yourself to run your business and minimize hiccups.

Create effective bulk discounts

Besides promo codes, having bulk discounts and product bundles can also help to boost sales on your website.

Bulk discounts are sometimes referred to as “product bundles” which consist of the same product or a few complementary products. Product bundles work wonders because it taps into consumer psychology. 

Product bundles not only give your products an attractive price point, but it also helps you clear stagnant inventory and makes space for new products for your store. Here are some great strategies to help you push our successful bulk discounts online: 

1) Pair popular items with less popular ones

2) Group complementary products together

3) Emphasize savings

Want to have a thorough walkthrough on product bundling? Read our ultimate guide to nail the art of product bundles for your business.

Know your customers better with Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics

Knowing your audience through and through is the best way to boost your sales online. Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are powerful tools that can give insights into your customers’ journey and their behavior. That’s why we’ve included them in our premium features.

Here’s how Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics help boost your online sales:

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel places triggering cookies to track users’ behavior when they interact with your business on and off Facebook as well as Instagram.

For instance, a customer may have seen your homebrewed coffee ad on Instagram and clicked through to your website. He proceeded to add it to his cart, but got distracted and didn’t check out. 

Facebook Pixel’s cookies will track your potential customer’s behavior and retarget him again with the ad on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a nifty way of reminding customers of the items they were interested in, increasing the chances of conversion.

Google Analytics

Like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics tracks your customers’ behavior and the way they interact with your brand. The key difference lies in the scope of tracking for both of these tools.

Google Analytics tracks user data from organic traffic, paid ads, and social media channels while Facebook Pixel only tracks paid ads. Since small businesses tend to have smaller paid ad budgets and rely heavily on organic traffic, having Google Analytics is crucial.

You don’t want to miss out on insights into customer data during periods when you’re not running paid ads. Having both of these tools will give you a holistic understanding of your audience.

Cococart’s premium plans give merchants access to the most comprehensive insights into their customers’ journey. If you’re serious about scaling your business, you’ll need to have these analytical tools to guide your business decisions.

Analytics and reports

Want to know how well your business is really doing? You’ll need to have the right sales data. Cococart’s business analytics are designed to help you with that.

Here’s a breakdown of all the data you’ll get to see in your dashboard at one glance:

How are my sales?

The first thing every business needs to know is this – are you on track with your growth? Having data on your sales and revenue can give you clarity on how your business is doing.

With accurate data, you can track spikes, and down cycles which is helpful for you to come up with the right business strategies. 

For instance, you might notice that your business is slowing down after a holiday or festive season. That’s when you might want to introduce special promo codes and discounts to help generate interest for your business and combat seasonal downswings.

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How are my orders?

Seeing the total number of orders lets you know how many separate customers you’ve sold to in a given period of time. If your revenue is going up but your order numbers are going down, it means that your business is relying on a few customers who have big purchases.

Having this metric will help you understand if you need to attract more customers so you are not overly reliant on a few loyal customers to keep you going. Consider increasing your business’ exposure and marketing through social media, or collaborate with influencers.

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What is the average order size?

This metric will let you know the average value you’re getting from your orders. 

With data on your average order size, you can identify opportunities to upsell your items or cross-sell products. That will encourage customers to buy more from a single order and help you maximize your sales!

See also: What is Average Order Value, and Why Should Your Small Business Care?

What are my top products?

If you sell a range of products, having data on your top selling items will come in handy. You won’t need to manually track your fulfilled orders to know what products to bring in again for your customers.

Additionally, this metric can also help you make effective product bundles by pairing popular products with stagnant products. You’ll be able to make smart business decisions at one glance with this metric on the dashboard.

How do customers pay and get their orders?

Data on your customer’s preferred payment mode can come in handy as well. If many of your customers are choosing to pay in cash but you would rather receive payment via credit card, you can create a special discount for customers who pay by credit. 

This way, you can influence customer behavior to suit your business needs. On top of that, you can also determine if you should include more payment options to attract a wider customer base.

Enjoy responsive customer support

At Cococart, we understand that business owners like yourself need all the support you can get to keep your business going! That’s why we offer all premium merchants quality customer support.

Merchants on the Coffee tier get email support with a 1 day response rate, while merchants on the Hobby and Startup tier get chat support with a response rate of a few hours. 

If you’re serious about scaling your business, you’ll get to enjoy WhatsApp support with a response rate of just a few minutes! We understand that every business is different and we seek to cater the most appropriate support for your unique needs.

Start sending branded email content

Want to take your business’ branding to the next level? It’s time to start connecting with customers with branded email content!

Marketing on social media isn’t enough. To grow your business, you’ll need to connect with customers directly. And email marketing is a great way to do that.

Emailing customers with your branded content helps you keep in touch with customers directly. You won’t have to rely on social media algorithms, which are constantly changing. 

Merchants on Cococart’s Business tier will get to send branded emails to their customers with their custom logos embedded in them. This gives your business emails credibility and creates consistency in your brand image.

Get your own custom domain

The one thing that will make your small business stand out from the rest? Having your own (dot)com. Having a custom domain gives your business a professional look and feel. It tells customers that you’re a tech savvy business that takes itself seriously.

With Cococart, all merchants on the premium plan can get their own custom domain for just $25/year. And that amounts to a little more than $2/month – a small price to pay for building your brand online.

Start scaling your business with Cococart now

Want to start scaling your business now? Cococart has all the tools you need. It’s designed to meet the needs of small businesses to help you streamline your business.

No design, no code, no learning curve. Sign up for a premium account that starts from just $5/month and access the tools you’ll need to make sales online now.

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