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The Shopify Security Flaw That You Might Not Know About

Shopify is a hot favorite among business owners looking to build their ecommerce website. But did you know that there’s a security flaw on Shopify which could cause you to lose your competitive edge and disrupt your business?

Shopify’s order IDs are giving away too much information about your business

Order IDs on Shopify aren’t just a series of random numbers. In fact, if you observe closely, you’ll realize that all Shopify IDs follow the same format. 

The first order you’ll get for every Shopify store will always come with this order ID: #1001. Subsequent order IDs will be #1002, #1003, etc.

Just by looking at your order IDs, observant competitors can easily tell how your business is doing and make estimates on your sales volume.

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How this security flaw might disrupt your business

You might be wondering, “so what if people know how many orders I’ve had?” Here’s why it matters.

Dropshippers and competitors in your industry place fake orders just to know how much sales your online store is getting.

Sometimes, they even place 2 orders one day apart to estimate how many orders your store is getting in a day.

Smart ecommerce merchants are always on the lookout for profitable niches to go into. And what better way to do that than to get insights into competitors’ sales volume?

The danger of having more competition in your niche

Dropshippers are always on the lookout for niche products. Once they’ve identified a profitable product, they often flood the market with cheaper alternatives and impede the growth of existing businesses. 

Finding a profitable niche in ecommerce is tricky. As business owners, you’ll want to protect your competitive edge and profit margins.

With increased competition, you’ll need to think of new ways to make your products stand out, or even be forced into price wars to stay competitive.

Use a platform that safeguards your business information

At Cococart, we believe in empowering small businesses. And that means building features that are sensitive to our merchants’ needs. 

We know how important it is for small businesses to maintain their competitive edge, without losing their profits. That’s why order IDs on Cococart are intentionally formatted to keep order numbers vague.

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