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10 Food Bloggers in Singapore That Can Help Your Home Based Business Grow

Taking a picture for the ‘gram is now a bigger part of the typical meal. It's why food bloggers are becoming vastly popular.

If you’re a home-based business in Singapore looking to expand your outreach, consider engaging food bloggers to build your reputation.

Not only will they get plenty of eyeballs on your product, but the right review from the right influencer can be enough to sell your food on its own.

Here are our picks for 10 food bloggers in Singapore whose feeds are sure to be a feast for your eyes (in no particular order).

  1. @mrdidijiak
  2. @qingxiangsqx
  3. @fatpigdiary
  4. @jxeats
  5. @soinkuehdible
  6. @thesalmonxyf
  7. @makcikalertsg
  9. @moitummy


Featuring simple yet aesthetic photos, Mrdidijiak hosts frequent giveaways and promotions on his Instagram, and often collaborates with local businesses for honest reviews and giveaways.


We love the variety of food that’s featured by Qing Xiang, ranging from Mookata to Macarons. His detailed reviews always give plenty of info on his foodventures, and the frequent giveaways for his followers are the cherry on top!

Qing Xiang has jumped on the opportunity to use his following for good, saying: “I can help to discover the hidden talents, connecting both the business owners and the masses through my hobby.”


With a stunning feed that’s not afraid to get up-close-and-personal with the food, fatpigdiary has a way with words that almost makes you feel like you’re eating it yourself!

We especially like her dessert features for those with a sweet tooth, although contrary to her handle she’s managed to maintain her figure throughout her food diary.

@fatpigdiary: “I'm Seanna! I love trying different kinds of food and sharing my thoughts about them, because after awhile you lose track of what you've tried.

The home based business (HBB) has been booming particularly since the Circuitbreaker period- that's where all my expenditure during those few months went.

I help HBBs through my reviews. I also like to take photos for them! Many home based businesses have really good products but lack illustrations that do them justice.”


With simple yet elegant photos that place the food first, @jxeats’ colour coordinated feed is sure to brighten up your day.

Besides doing food reviews, she showcases unique delivery options from smaller businesses, and posts recipe tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. Whether you’re eating out, staying in, or cooking for yourself, she’s got you covered!

@jxeats has been a prominent supporter of the #supportlocalsg initiative, stating “[I’ve] always believed in supporting local business, especially the Food and Beverage industry and Home Based Businesses.”


A baked goods and confectionery expert, we love her signature moneyshot showcasing the oozy centre of the various treats. Home based businesses get a special visibility boost with reviews being saved to her highlights on her profile.

@soinkuehdible: "I love giving home based businesses constructive feedback and helping them improve their recipes. Hope that my small contribution by reviewing it can help their business!"


The extra effort @thesalmonxyf puts into their posts really shows, with gorgeous artistic lettering that prominently displays the source of the featured food. If you’re a home based business looking to collab, @thesalmonxyf is sure to represent your product beautifully, with honest and detailed reviews.

@thesalmonxyf: "From food photography to writing reviews, I do my best to share and support home businesses at @thesalmonxyf! I'm known for my honest and observant feedback, helping HBBs to improve to cater to the wider market!"


Explicitly describing themselves not as food reviewers/influencers, @makcikalertsg styles themselves as just a group of makciks that try to share good deals they come across.

heir focus on Halal/Muslim owned food businesses is particularly welcome, as it can be tough for our Muslim friends to find Halal Home Based Businesses.

@makcikalertsg: “We are a trio of makciks who really love sharing knowledge, good deals & hacks. We help connect HBBs to any opportunities we come across, focusing on halal /Muslim owned food businesses.”

With an eye for aesthetics and design, showcases a wide range of food using creative shots. Her bright and bubbly personality really shines through in her reviews, and her frequent giveaways are a welcome surprise for her followers. “As a passionate foodie, I take joy in trying out different home based businesses and featuring them on my Instagram page. It is my wish to showcase their products to as many people as possible!”


As a self-described flexitarian, @moitummy’s colourful and varied posts serve as a daily injection of freshness into your feed. As a big fan of breadstuffs, she also runs an alternate account, @moibread.

@moitummy: "I am an avid foodie and seeing the creative options the local home based food businesses have fills me with excitement! I would love to help promote both the established and underrated HBBs, as I believe that their food definitely deserves more recognition!"

Using flat lay shots that perfectly capture the table scene, really makes each dish its own star. Her food reviews are particularly erudite, with special attention being paid to the subtle tastes and flavours of each meal.

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