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7 Proven Ways to Get Your First Sale

So, you just started your small business and can’t wait to make your first sale. You’re looking around at other competitors in your niche and you’re wondering how you can bring your business up to speed.

In this article, we’ll be diving into 7 tactics you can implement immediately to make sales online—it’s really not as tough as you might think!

Why is making sales online so challenging?

While the internet has made it much easier for businesses to start selling anything to anyone, it also means competition is more saturated.

With so many stores online claiming that they’re the best, it’s hard to get your ideal customers’ attention.

That’s another thing—who is your ideal customer? It’s tough to understand your customers needs and wants if you don’t get to interact with them in person.

Selling online has its own set of challenges but with the right strategies, you can easily overcome them even if you have a tight budget and limited resources. 

We’re going to assume that you’ve already found a niche for your business. If not, go check out that article first before you implement some of these sales tactics.

Use Insta stories to build anticipation

Do you use social media for your online business? If so, that’s awesome! If you haven’t started a business account on social media, you’ll want to go ahead and start one right away.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your customers and build anticipation for your products. Among the many platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular. 

There are lots of features on Instagram and Insta Story is one of the greatest tools you can use to build anticipation for your product launch.

With Insta Stories, you give your posts a greater amount of exposure. You can also create a series of Insta stories to tease your launch. 

Here’s how to do it:

Break down your product launch announcement into 4 different slides and make it more interactive! Include a poll so that your customers feel involved in your process. 

Want to build more anticipation? Don’t announce your launch date too soon.

Let your customers know something new is coming to the store 1-2 weeks before and then hit them with a countdown when your product is about to launch.

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Why is anticipation important for product launches?

Anticipation builds a buzz around your brand. It creates an emotional connection with your customers.

Keep your customers curious and excited if you want your business to make an impression. 

Create limited time offers with promo codes

Consumers aren’t just driven by anticipation. They’re also driven by scarcity.

Limited time offers are a great way to push conversions as customers feel the pressure to act now if they want to enjoy a special deal. Before you start a limited time offer, remember to tease your upcoming sale a week or two prior. 

On the technical side, creating limited time offers is simple and straight forward with Cococart.

Merchants on the Hobby tier and up get to enjoy the Promo Codes feature, which lets you set up custom promo codes for specific products.

Here’s how it works:

1. Log into your dashboard and click on promotions

2. Click on “create”

3. Create your custom promo code, set your discounted amount, and specify your products

You’ll also get to set other requirements such as minimum purchase amounts, discount dates, redemption limits, and more.

Cococart makes it super easy for busy small business owners to run promos online. Setting up your promo will only take just a few minutes!

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Clear stagnating stocks with bundle sales

Besides promo codes, another great way to rake in revenue is through setting up bundle sales. If you have stagnating stocks or perishable goods on hand, bundle sales can help to clear your stocks quickly.

Product bundling happens when you group certain products together and give them a lowered price.

They can consist of a few of the same product or a range of complementary products.

With product bundling, customers get the impression that they’re getting a better deal when they buy more products from you. It’s a great way for you to increase the Average Order Value and overall revenue! 

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Always share good reviews

How many times have you checked online reviews before making a purchase?

Chances are, potential customers are doing the same when they come across your products. 

Reviews are crucial for every business, that’s why you need to post customer reviews on your social media channels. It gives your business social proof and credibility.

Don’t know how you can get good reviews? Well, you don’t need to wait for customers to make the first move.

Take the initiative and follow up with your customers after closing each order. Send them a simple text message to ask for feedback, or attach a URL that leads to an online form in your orders.

Now that you’ve got great reviews from your customers, it’s time to post it online!

Take screenshots of your reviews and be sure to ask your customers for permission before posting. You can post these reviews in your Insta Story and save them in a highlight. 

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Create a loyalty program

What’s the best way to make your business sustainable in the long run? Having lots of loyal customers. 

Loyal customers are big fans of your brand. They’d go out of their way to promote your products to their friends and family, that’s why it’s so important to treat your repeat customers well!

Creating a loyalty program rewards customers who frequent your business. It also makes an impression on your customers, keeping your brand top-of-mind.

In the competitive ecommerce scene, making your brand memorable is vital.

Loyalty programs are easy setup. You can give customers loyalty cards or track their orders to know how many times they’ve purchased from you. Give them a special gift or a discount after their 5th purchase to show that you appreciate their support.

You can also send them freebies on their birthdays if you want to add a little personal touch!

Use email marketing to connect with customers

Social media makes it easy for us to connect with a wide range of customers online but direct email marketing is still relevant today.

Relying on social media to reach your customers can force you to be overly dependent on these social network services.

It also makes your business susceptible to changes with the algorithm. 

With email marketing, you can connect with your customers directly. If social media platforms aren’t effective in getting the word out about your latest product, you can count on direct marketing strategies to keep your customers informed.

Direct marketing isn’t limited to emails. You can connect with your customers on Telegram, WhatsApp, or any messaging service that’s tied to their contact numbers. 

Here’s a word of caution: remember to respect your customers’ boundaries if you’re going to use direct marketing to connect with them.

Send only information that they’re interested in and refrain from spamming them with messages. You don’t want to end up getting blocked.

Have a budget for ad spend

This depends on your budget. But we recommend that every business set aside a sum for ad spend. 

While it’s possible to reach your customers through organic marketing, promoting your posts on social media can help to accelerate growth and boost sales for your business.

There’s a learning curve to understanding what types of ads work well for your business. If you’re just starting out, set a budget that’s comfortable for you to test out your ad creatives. Don’t be too fixated on making high returns at first. 

Once you’ve figured out the most effective ad creatives, you’ll soon see that you can easily reach new customers and make lots of sales in no time!

Optimize your checkout process with your ecommerce website

Did you know that optimized, smooth checkout processes can increase conversions by 35%?

Every Cococart website is designed to streamline checkout processes and increase sales. The best part? Setting up your online store only takes a few minutes. There are no downloads, no apps, and no design experience needed. 

Create a Cococart store and start turning interested customers into converted shoppers now! 


Do I need a license to start my home based business?

Make sure you abide by governmental regulations in your country. If you’re based in Singapore, read this article to find out more.

How do I start my home based business?

If you’re based in Singapore, you’ll first need to register your business with ACRA. Next, you’ll need to find out more about the Home Office (HO) Scheme and its regulations. Read this step-by-step guide to get started.

Where should I sell online—ecommerce platforms or an ecommerce website?

Both have their pros and cons. Ecommerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Carousell have a pool of customers who are ready to shop.

That said, your brand will be housed under the marketplace platform's brand and it's difficult to stand out against competitors.

Having your own ecommerce website lets you build your own brand and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

You can try out both platforms concurrently to see which one works better for your small business. Read this article for the full comparison.

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