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How Neatpick Skyrocketed Traffic & Revenue Growth by 15X via Instagram With Coco+

About Neatpick

NeatPick started in 2021 when Hui Yi realized that quality fashion hair claws were either too expensive or poorly made at a lower price point. She found the need for quality and sustainable accessories that were wallet-friendly.

Their self-manufactured hair claws are sustainably made from cellulose acetate. It is your go-to buddy for quick errands—be it hustling through the day—and get you up from drab to fab in seconds.

The problem: how do you supercharge growth for fashion hair accessories?

Although sales had been growing steadily through her organic reach, it was time to take the business to the next level.

Neatpick has a unique niche in the market, and Hui Yi had a specific target audience in mind for their marketing efforts. The main obstacle was that it took an immense amount of time to create the right creatives, ad copy, and engagement to drive traffic.

And creating the perfect ad set was just the beginning. Deploying, monitoring, and optimizing ad creatives was an entirely separate endeavor.

Credit: Neatpick Instagram

How Coco+ helped grow their audience and revenue

Neatpick signed up for Coco+ on our Grow plan, and filled in all the information for her growth campaign. She had input her objectives, uploaded her pictures and gave the Coco+ team an overview of her business and goals.

The output was stunning creatives, ideal for enticing potential customers to visit their store to make a purchase.

The results speak for themselves:

Although the ads took a bit of time to optimise (notwithstanding the changes in Meta’s algorithms), overall traffic views to their Cococart shop increased by 16,000% within 2 months. Overall sales also saw 1,200% in growth in the same period of time.

The best part about it all? Their growth is now on autopilot.

The monthly Grow subscription of Coco+ enables Neatpick to maintain one campaign a month. Coco+ helps optimize Neatpick’s campaigns continuously, ensuring they remain effective.

Astrid Claws, $5 per set. Credit:

Hear more from Hui Yi, founder of Neatpick, herself.

What was your experience growing your business like, before and after Coco+?

“Coco+ increased my business visibility and sales by almost 100% at one point! Before Coco+, I was really hoping for sales to appear as I had to rely on my own time to post on social media and post at the right timing.

"But after using Coco+ I have seen increased publicity for my business and a steady stream of customers returning! It’s a great tool to get your marketing work done for you so you can focus on more important things for your business.”

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