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7 Food Bloggers in Malaysia to Take Your Home Based Business to the Next Level

By now, the power of food bloggers is well known to people within the industry, and collaboration with them can serve as a powerful way to improve your organic outreach! Here are 7 Malaysian food bloggers to collaborate with to take your home based business to the next level.


  1. @the_fatty_finger
  2. @thealleater
  3. @winnieishungryy_
  4. @tummyyyyummy
  5. @eataroundwithjenny
  6. @pheed.mee
  7. @ameerah_simplecooking


With a wide array of featured food, from chicken feet to Kakigori, The Fatty Finger is the perfect collab partner for any Malaysian Home Based Business, especially those who may specialize in local delicacies.

The Fatty Finger: We're a duo of food lovers in search of local affordable and amazingly good foods! Join us on our journey as we discover the hidden gems scattered across Malaysia with our honest reviews.


Using a more casual review style that speaks to their audience, The All Eater has a long history of supporting and featuring smaller home based businesses. We especially like how they break down their review to each individual product, making for a clear and concise review.

The All Eater: Our page is a daily foodblog with detailed reviews that not only review cafes, but also food products, street and local eats. We are also open for free collaborations with small businesses to review and make their product known to the food community!


With the tagline “Count Memories, Not Calories”, Winnie showcases mouth-watering dishes that look oh-so-worth-it. Her short and sweet reviews cut straight to the point, and she’s a strong supporter of local businesses in Malaysia.

Winnie: I’m a chubby girl who likes to hunt for street foods, is passionate about food photography and shares her meal routine with everyone.


With detailed reviews covering a wide variety of food, Tummyyyyummy’s passion for food shines through in every one of their posts, serving as an informative and aesthetic guide to cuisine in the area.

Tummyyyyummy: As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is to compete with the bigger brands so I wanna be able to help out other small businesses as well by bringing them more recognition that they deserve!


Based out of KL, Jenny loves eating and discovering new hidden culinary gems. She is a part time foodie and will share whatever that she eats, be it hawker food, fine dining, or exceptional fast food.


With a bright and vibrant aesthetic that brings out the best of the featured foods, Pheed.mee consistently feeds their followers with hidden culinary gems, ranging from Tau Fu Fah to Matcha Red Bean Waffles.

Pheed.mee: Sharing honest opinions and always on the hunt for the next big thing to try out be it home business or restaurants! Also trying to take the prettiest photos for everything I eat.


Going by the moniker of “The Kitchen Chemist”, Ameerah shares practical and detailed recipes on her page, in addition to reviews of assorted food products.

Ammerah: I'm Ameerunisa, a mom, student and a passionate food blogger. I strive to create simple and budget friendly recipes in my page as I feel the Instagram is over loaded with aesthetically expensive ones. I wanted to show people that there are minimal  people too on the Instagram. My niche is sharing home cooked recipes and sharing reviews of the food products. The special feature about my reviews is that I don't just post the product and review it rather I make something out of the food products and then share the detailed review. This way, I'm creating content for my page as well as helping the brand with a new recipe that they could feature in their page.

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