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Free Gumroad Alternative: Cocodrop by Cococart

In case you missed it: as of today January 31, 2023, we’ll be seeing yet another Gumroad fee increase—one that has creators and entrepreneurs on the platform up in arms and searching for alternatives. So if you’re looking for a free Gumroad alternative that won’t charge unfair transaction fees, you’re in luck because we have the best free Gumroad alternative you have to know right now.

Introducing Cocodrop by Cococart, the fastest—and fairest—platform to sell your digital products online.

Wondering why creators like you should make the switch from Gumroad? Read on to find out.

The best free Gumroad alternative: Cocodrop by Cococart

How does newcomer Cocodrop by Cococart compare to Gumroad to sell digital products? Let’s do a deep dive.

Cocodrop has no transaction fees

Gumroad announced that by January 23, 2023, they’d be increasing their platform fees to 10%. This is an obvious dramatic shift from their previous tiered pricing, which incentivized creators to sell more digital products on Gumroad to take home more of their income from sales because of lower transaction fees waiting for them.

Of course, Gumroad makes it clear that the 10% fee doesn’t include any payment processing or PayPal fees, which could be another 3-5%, depending on the payment provider.

What this means is a Gumroad user in 2022 could have gone from only being charged 2.9% platform fees, with an additional 3-5% in payment fees, to suddenly getting charged as much as 13-15% in 2023 and beyond. 

Consider it another way. If you were selling a digital product on Gumroad for $20 before the fee increase at the old Gumroad pricing tiers, you’d expect to take home at least $18. 

Today, expect to only make only $15.

Let’s compare this to a better alternative. Unlike Gumroad, Cocodrop by Cococart doesn’t charge any platform fees on top of third-party payment processing fees. 

This means Cocodrop is completely free for business owners like you that want to take home more income from your digital products. Expect only 3.4% processing fees from our third-party payment provider and earn more per sale.

So instead of the $15 you’d make on Gumroad’s platform for your $20 product, with Cocodrop, you’ll earn over $19 per sale.

No tricks here—Cocodrop by Cococart doesn’t charge platform fees on top of our third-party provider’s 3.4% payment processing fee. Here’s a real example from a real Cocodrop store with a $9 product.
No tricks here—Cocodrop by Cococart doesn’t charge platform fees on top of our third-party provider’s 3.4% payment processing fee. Here’s a real example from a real Cocodrop store with a $9 product.

Having no platform fees is exactly what makes Cocodrop the best Gumroad alternative in the market—we’re committed to do better for creators out there trying to monetize their work. Try it free today.

Cococart gives creators more control over your store

When you sell digital products with Gumroad, you’re not only subject to higher than average platform fees, but you’re also more limited over your store.

On Gumroad, you’re not able to attach your own domain name to their default store link. You’ll be stuck with  

If you wanted your shop and your products to live in a custom website name—for example,—you’d have to go through the hassle of signing up for a web hosting account, registering your domain name, and managing another platform.

This comes as no surprise. After all, you’re hosting all your products for free on Gumroad, so it makes sense that you’ll get less control for a free service. 

On the other hand, for a small fee, you can use a custom domain name for your Cocodrop store. Cocodrop is powered by Cococart, which has always had the ability to let its creators buy and use a custom domain name for their online stores. 

This way, your store link is whatever you choose.

Get more control over your Cocodrop store with custom domains and color themes.

What Gumroad and Cocodrop have in common is you’ll get beautiful storefronts ready with zero setup required. You won’t need to lift a finger in order to make sure your digital products shop can start taking orders.

Where these two also differ is in their ability to let you brand your store. 

On a Gumroad alternative like Cocodrop, you can also brand and customize your store in a few different ways like: 

  • Custom colors. Choose from a set of premade themes, or mix and match your own. 
  • About and FAQ pages. Optionally set up an About page to tell your story or have an FAQ page to answer your customers’ burning questions.
  • Link buttons. links to your shop’s home page to serve as your very own social media link tree. 

Gumroad, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any of these options.

Your Cocodrop shop comes with options to change your store colors, add an About or FAQ page, and create link buttons to be your own social media link tree.

Cocodrop builds for your needs—fast

Cocodrop is run by the same company that gave you Cococart, a venture-backed startup with a mission to transform the way online entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

In fact, we started Cococart for the small business owners, the little guys who still had a lot to prove before they could call their businesses a whopping success.

We didn’t start Cococart for the Nikes and Apples of the world—we started Cococart for the entrepreneurs and creators like you.

What that means to us is that our success depends on the success of the smaller business owners and creators; the ones who run their business on the side; the ones who can’t afford a whole marketing team; the ones who are gritty enough to embrace the struggle anyway.

We know Cocodrop is a significantly younger Gumroad alternative—but Gumroad has hit a point in its journey where they’re better off only listening and paying special attention to their more successful creators. 

At Cococart, that’s not the case. We’re always here listening, learning, building.

And we’ll always be obsessed with the idea of building you a product you need to truly take your business to the next level.

Cocodrop is currently in beta, but we’re so excited to turn it into the best platform for anyone to start selling digital downloads, simple and easy.

Want to see what’s on our roadmap for Cocodrop? Here’s a peek at some of the exciting functions and features we’ve got lined up.

Coming soon: Multiple product support, categories, and organize your products

Wondering how to organize and arrange your products on Gumroad? Here’s some bad news: you can’t.

Your products on your Gumroad store are arranged by the order that they’re added, and there’s no way to easily rearrange them.

So if you have multiple categories of products, your customers can find it messy and difficult to browse. Worst case scenario: this type of experience might be hurting your chances at making more sales.

We’re soon introducing multiple product support for Cocodrop, one of the core functions we have with our flagship product Cococart. 

And once we’ve enabled this on Cocodrop stores, you’re able to add products to categories, bundles, and more. Organize your store however you want—it’s your business, after all.

Be free from Gumroad’s increasing fees

Say goodbye to Gumroad’s fee increase and switch to a free alternative to sell your digital products. While Gumroad truly is a solid platform, Cocodrop by Cococart will get you more income per sale, better customization options, and more personalized, quicker support. 

The best part? It only takes 3 seconds to upload and sell your first digital product on Cocodrop today. Start selling today on the best free Gumroad alternative in the market.

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