Cococart’s Latest Feature Truly Delivers—Book Bulk Deliveries Now

Cococart’s Latest Feature Truly Delivers—Book Bulk Deliveries Now!

The great thing about growing your business? Taking lots of orders. The hassle? Arranging lots of deliveries.

Delivery management takes up time, cost, and energy. But who said that it’ll always be a necessary evil for a thriving business? 

That’s why Cococart is making it simple to schedule multiple deliveries in just a few clicks.

We’ve partnered up with Rida to give you a more seamless order-booking experience. Read to find out how our latest feature eases your load and lets you focus on what matters most in your business.

Why does Cococart’s delivery feature make us the best?

Automate your delivery management

With our latest integration, you won’t ever have to sweat over delivery management again. Our new feature automatically creates optimized routes to help find the cheapest and quickest ones for your orders. 

On top of that, you can find drivers across various delivery platforms with Rida’s 100% delivery guarantee. Save the hassle of sourcing a driver on your own and never worry about missing a delivery again.

Save time by booking multiple deliveries

Imagine having a system that lets you book multiple deliveries in one go. We know how tough it is for entrepreneurs to run their businesses independently. 

The less time you spend on logistics and administrative matters, the more time you can focus on your business.

That’s why the delivery feature is designed to allow multiple deliveries in just a few clicks so you can scale your business easily. 

Here’s how you can make use of Deliveries:

  1. Sign in to your Cococart dashboard and go to your Orders page.
  2. Select the orders you want to arrange for bulk delivery.
  3. Click on Book Delivery from the taskbar.
  4. You’ll be redirected to our third-party partner’s site to review your route and quote. 

Reduce your delivery cost and maximize profits

Delivery costs can easily eat away at your profits, especially during surge pricing. With our new integration, we want to ensure that all your deliveries are fulfilled in the most cost-effective way possible. 

With optimized routes automatically calculated for you, you can make sure that your delivery costs are kept as low as possible so that you’ll get to keep your margins! Our feature ensures that all delivery routes are optimized so as to lower your overall delivery costs. 

How to set up deliveries for your Cococart shop

Cococart deliveries work seamlessly with our Verified Addresses feature, available on Startup and Business plans. That’s why we are unrolling a beta version of our delivery feature to Cococart accounts on Startup and Business tiers!

Note: Our deliveries feature (beta) is currently only available on desktop.

To start booking your deliveries from Cococart, follow these simple steps.

If you don’t have a Rida account yet:

1. Go to your Orders page

2. Select the orders you want to send for bulk delivery.

3. Click Book Delivery.

4. Add your store address when prompted. This will be your default pickup location. 

5. Verify your phone number when prompted.

6. You’ll be sent to our third-party delivery partner, Rida, to start booking deliveries.

If you already have an existing account with Rida:

1. Follow the same steps above to add your pickup location and phone number. Our system will verify that you have an existing Rida account.

2. Click the button to email our team, and we’ll connect your Cococart account to Rida for you.

3. You’ll soon receive an email from our team once your accounts are connected! Note: Expect a response up to 1-2 business days.

Get $25 free credit on your Cococart deliveries

Want to start enjoying 100% guaranteed delivery and lower overall costs for your business? From now til October 25, 2022, the first 100 Cococart merchants that top up their Rida account with S$100 get S$25 free credit! Simply top up at least $100 to your Rida balance, and our partners will credit $25 to your account in 2-3 business days.

Subsequent merchants after the first 100 will get a S$10 Welcome Bonus free credit for S$100 top-up. 

Promotion is only available for new Rida accounts.

Want in on this new feature?

Enjoy seamless delivery with our delivery feature when you upgrade to startup and business. You’ll get to enjoy 100% guaranteed delivery, multiple bookings, and save costs with an optimized delivery route. 

If you currently aren’t on a paid plan with Cococart, use the promo code: DELIVER to enjoy a one-month FREE trial on our Startup plan!

Already on a paid plan like Buy Us a Coffee or Hobby? Simply let us know here and we’ll activate your free trial to Startup so you can try this feature for free.

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