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7 Best Customer Retention Software for Small Business in 2023

What is customer retention software?

Investing in customer retention is a crucial aspect of achieving success for any business. Research studies have found that there is more than 60% more likelihood of a business selling to an existing customer than acquiring a new one.

Loyal customers tend to spend more, act as brand advocates, and provide valuable feedback to enhance your enterprise.

Therefore, procuring customer retention instruments to sustain and magnify your customer base should be a fundamental component of your business strategy.

Customer retention software is a valuable tool for businesses to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

The customer retention tools help companies track customer behavior, preferences, and engagement to develop customized retention strategies that would improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It helps businesses retain their customers, maintain a consistent revenue growth, and gives insight to why and when customers are leaving. Below are some of the benefits customer retention software have for your business:

Benefits of Customer Retention Software

1. Upselling for Revenue Growth

Using customer retention software can provide businesses with insights into customer preferences, purchase history and behavior.

By analyzing this data, businesses can create targeted and personalized offers to encourage customers to buy more, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

For instance, the software may identify customers who have bought a specific product or service and offer them a promotion for an upgraded or complementary version. These customer retention strategies can boost sales and revenue for the business.

2. Get Insights Into Customer Behavior

Businesses can use customer retention software to gain insights into customer behavior, including purchasing habits, preferences, and feedback.

This helps businesses retain customers and improve their products or services by analyzing customer feedback to identify areas for improvement, leading to better customer experiences and engagement.

3. Identify Churning Customers

Through customer data and behaviour analysis these retention softwares are able to identify potential customer churn indicators.

This information can then be used to offer personalised support, incentives, or offers to retain at-risk customers and prevent them from leaving hence increasing your customer retention rates.

4. Improve Customer Support Experiences

Customer retention software offers tools to enhance customer support experiences, such as a helpdesk or ticketing system so that customers can get access to a customer success manager.

This would enable businesses to respond quickly to inquiries or complaints. Providing timely support can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Hence, customer retention software can be a valuable tool for businesses to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, increase revenue growth and identify areas for improvement. 

Now let’s look at the 7 best customer retention software for small businesses in 2023.

7 software to improve customer retention


BIGContacts CRM Features

BIGContacts is a CRM application designed for customer retention. It offers automation workflows, tracking of customer preferences and pain points, and monitor engagement levels with detailed reporting and analytics. The pricing begins at $5 per user per month.


HubSpot CRM Features

HubSpot CRM provides personalized experiences based on customer base data and insights.

Its features include contact management, task tracking, appointment scheduling, and business reporting.

HubSpot also has a mobile app to manage customer relationships remotely. You can choose from different paid plans starting at $50 per month.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat Feature

ProProfs Chat enables you to deliver instant customer service using live chat. It tracks chat history, visitor behavior, contact details, and preferences to enhance personalization efforts.

The software also automatically routes visitors to the correct department within your organization.

Pricing starts from $20/month.


Qualaroo Survey Feature

Qualaroo enables you to collect customer feedback through on-page surveys.

It provides survey templates, sentiment analysis, and customer experience management features. You can personalize the branding of nudges based on your business.

The cost starts from $80/month.


ProfitWell Dashboard

ProfitWell uses data to deliver targeted experiences to customers. It offers revenue recognition, price optimisation, and customer insights. ProfitWell lets customers retry failed payments with one click, improving recovery rates. Custom enterprise plans are available.


Gainsight Retention Analysis

Gainsight is a platform provides features for user retention, assisting companies in evaluating and enhancing their retention rates by comprehending the effectiveness of their products or services for their clientele.

Gainsight's Retention Analysis reports allow businesses to identify the aspects that contribute to retention and growth, offering crucial insights into user behavior and product performance.

The pricing for Gainsight begins at $2,500 per company per month.


Cococart Email Remarketing

Cococart offers a comprehensive all in one business tools to help local businesses transition online.

Included in the toolbox is an email marketing feature that can identify churning customers and retarget with personalized emails.

The tool's user-friendly interface is ideal for those with limited time to learn new a software, and the pricing starts at $39/month which is more affordable than any alternative on this list, making retention tools more accessible to all business owners.

Retaining customers is just a choice away

Customer retention software is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. By adopting any of these software, companies can boost their revenue, foster customer loyalty, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Businesses can also enhance customer support experiences, thus setting themselves apart from their competitors and ensuring long-term success.

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