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5 Baking Suppliers in Singapore for Your Home Baker Business

Over the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns, many have explored baking at home as a hobby to ward off the quarantine blues.

Beyond just satisfying the taste buds, the process of baking itself can be therapeutic, and is a great skill that will definitely be appreciated by friends and family alike.

While weekly trips to the supermarket may be sufficient for those just dipping their toes in, home bakers with aspirations to scale their operations can struggle to find suppliers to meet their growing needs.

Here are our picks of 5 baking suppliers in Singapore to help you turn your passion into profit.              

  1. Phoon Huat
  2. Bake with Yen
  3. United Bakery Supplies
  4. Bake King
  5. Sun Lik Trading

1. Phoon Huat

With 18 stores located across the island, Phoon Huat is a well established name in the local baking scene. Their in-house Red Man brand offers a range of good quality products at very reasonable prices.

Besides this, their online store, Red Man Shop, also offers the convenience of ordering supplies online. We particularly appreciate their catalogue system, which allows you to easily filter based on dietary preference or allergies.

2. Bake with Yen

Another staple of the SG baking community, Bake with Yen has 5 different stores island-wide as well as a comprehensive online store.

Offering products ranging from flour and sugar to edible gold sheets, they’re a one-stop shop for all your baking needs. They also provide free delivery on orders above SG$150, which is perfect for home based businesses ordering in bulk.

3. United Bakery Supplies

Located near Eunos, United Bakery Supplies has been in the scene since the 1960s, and has consistently delivered on their promise to customers.

With experience serving clients ranging from pastry shops to cafés, bakers looking to scale up operations would benefit greatly from their bulk order offers and discounts.

4. Bake King

A recognisable brand name in most major supermarkets, Bake King operates a retail store out of Paya Lebar, as well as an online store with free local delivery above S$150.

They have a wide range of products other than the regular lineup of baking ingredients, including premixes, moulds, and cake stands.

5. Sun Lik Trading

With an excellent range of premium baking products, Sun Lik Trading started out as a provisions store, but has now developed a reputation for being a hidden gem for baking enthusiasts.

While they do have an online store, some seasonal products or special items may not be reflected in the catalogue, so they recommend heading down to the retail store in Seah Street for their full offerings.

When picking your supplier, there’s ultimately no hard and fast rules to live by. Be sure to explore as many options as you can, and weigh the quality, price, delivery time, and customer service of each supplier to find a source you’re comfortable having by your side in your baking adventures.

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