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Small Businesses, Big Dreams: A Look at 5 Women-led Small Businesses in Singapore

Small businesses are the backbone of Singapore’s economy. According to government-published data in 2020, there are over 220,000 registered small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the country. 

And among these businesses, there are many inspiring women-led small businesses that are already making their mark in Singapore’s entrepreneurial landscape. In this post, we showcase some amazing women-led businesses in Singapore to inspire you.

Don’t miss these 5 Singapore-based businesses run by women


Maprao's range of delicious cakes and kuehs are all baked to cater to vegetarian and health-conscious consumers. Notable products include the Fresh Coconut Cake, made from real coconut milk and grated coconut, as well as their Passionfruit Coconut Cream Chiffon Pie, which features a light and fluffy chiffon cake infused with tangy passion fruit and creamy coconut.

Milk for Bubs

Milk for Bubs is a small business that supports breastfeeding mothers by offering a wide range of lactation treats. These baked goods are made with quality ingredients, and they are halal-certified, making them accessible to a broader audience of nursing women.

Their baked goods are lower in sugar, which is a healthier alternative for breastfeeding moms. Milk for Bubs takes food safety seriously and ensures that all of its products are baked in an SFA-licensed kitchen. 

With a commitment to promoting breastfeeding and supporting moms, Milk for Bubs is a women-led business that's truly making a difference for mothers all across in Singapore.

Miss Van Dough

Miss Van Dough is a home-based bakery in Singapore that offers a variety of delicious desserts. The bakery is run by Vanessa Goh and Illyas Lee, who are committed to using high-quality ingredients and providing exceptional customer service!

Miss Van Dough is known for their popular macarons and Pandan Biscoff Tarts, which combines the flavours of Pandan and Biscoff to create a unique and tasty treat. In addition to these signature items, Miss Van Dough also offers a range of other treats, such as cookies and cakes. Whether your're looking for a special gift or a sweet treat for yourself, Miss Van Dough's desserts are sure to satisfy your cravings!

Tigerlily Patisserie

One boss lady who is making waves in the culinary world with her unique baked goods is Tigerlily Patisserie's Maxine Ngooi. 

A skilled pastry chef, Ngooi honed her skills at Michelin-starred restaurant Vianney Massot before she launched Tigerlily Patisserie, where she infuses various botanicals like ginger flower and kaffir lime into her creations—resulting in a unique, never-before-seen flavor profile that many Singporeans and tourists alike flock to all for a chance to try.

Their offerings include galettes, cruffins, tarts, and more. Tigerlily Patisserie is quickly becoming a go-to destination for those seeking innovative and delicious baked goods in Singapore.

Fit Mum Kitchen Singapore

Mei Mei, the founder of Fit Mum Kitchen SG, is on a mission to help people eat delicious food without compromising their health goals. 

Originally from Esan in Northeastern Thailand, Mei Mei has lived in Singapore for over ten years and has always been passionate about food. After giving birth to two daughters and embarking on a weight loss journey, Mei Mei discovered the perfect combination of clean eating and an active lifestyle.

Now, she wants to share her secrets with others who love food as much as she does. Fit Mum Kitchen SG offers weekly meal plans for those looking to lose or healthily gain weight, so you can spend less time worrying about what to eat and more time enjoying your meals.

Support these Singaporean women-owned businesses

Are you inspired by these Singapore businesses run by these amazing women? Show your support by shopping their goods or sharing their businesses with someone you think who’ll love their products.

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