Rida Partners With Cococart to Make Ecommerce Deliveries Easier

If you’re already using Rida to power your deliveries, then you deserve a powerful ecommerce platform to host your products and make order management and fulfillment even easier. Enter Cococart.

Read on to discover how Cococart and Rida are a match made in heaven—and what that means for all Singapore-based businesses and beyond.

Why is Rida partnering with Cococart?

Want to know what makes Cococart the best to use with Rida? Here are the top 4 reasons businesses love our platform.

Automate orders from anywhere

Taking orders through private messaging apps and social media DMs can get a little hectic. After all, these messaging tools were never designed to make sales or take orders online.

That’s why having an online order-taking system like Cococart can go a long way to streamlining your operations.

Cococart’s clean, simple layout is designed to let you sell from anywhere online. It doesn’t matter if you’re only on Instagram, Facebook, or even have a Wordpress site—you can use Cococart as a standalone shopfront or embed it in your existing website builder.

Having an online shop also means you get paid faster, with a lot less work. Simply put up your link on all your channels online and offline, let customers place orders and make payments right away.

Simple to set up, impossible to mess up

Setting up your Cococart store takes just a few minutes. All you’ll need are some product photos and product descriptions.

There’s no need to get your hands dirty with coding, or even drag and drop layout blocks. Cococart lets you get your website up in no time, and focus on running your business.

Accept all kinds of payments

Cococart is built for local businesses and adaptable anywhere in the world. That means you can add as many custom payment methods as you want, like PayNow, PayLah!, GrabPay, or even PayPal.

Made to sell anything online

Whether you’re selling food that needs on-demand delivery, or personalized crafts that might require some lead time before you deliver, Cococart is customizable for your needs. And with a powerful integration with Rida, it becomes simpler to book orders for multiple deliveries in a few clicks.

How to launch your Cococart shop in 3 minutes

You don’t need hours to launch your Cococart shop. You only need 3 minutes. Click here to create your shop in under 10 steps.

Step 1. Give your shop a name, and add your first product.
Step 2. Add details about your product, like price, variations, and customizations.
Step 3. Select if you accept pick-up, delivery, or both.
Step 4. Your shop’s ready! Start sharing your link to accept your first order.

Special Offer: 2 FREE months of Cococart Premium

Want to enjoy 100% guaranteed delivery and lower overall costs for your business? For a limited time only, get 2 months FREE premium subscription when you create an account with Cococart. Simply use the promo code RIDA at signup.Here’s how to redeem this offer:

1. Be sure you've signed up or logged in to Cococart.
2. Visit our membership page.
3. Add your promo code to the text field below our plans.

4. Click on "Upgrade" for the plan you'd like to purchase.
5. Make sure that your promo code is applied correctly in the checkout page.

How to set up deliveries for your Cococart shop

To start booking your deliveries from Cococart, follow these simple steps.

1. Log in to your new Cococart shop, and select orders to book deliveries.
2. Follow the steps as prompted to add your default pickup location and phone number.
3. If you have an existing Rida account, click on “Send Request”.
4. Your deliveries tab will show up in your Cococart account in 1-2 business days.

Start using Rida to schedule your Cococart deliveries

Here’s how you can make use of Deliveries:

1. Sign in to your Cococart dashboard and go to your Orders page.
2. Select the orders you want to arrange for bulk delivery.
3. Click on Book Delivery (beta) from the taskbar.
4. You’ll be redirected to Rida’s site to review your route and quote.

Scale your local business with the most powerful ecommerce integration in Singapore

Start using Cococart today to start accepting orders online and get more out of your Rida deliveries. Don’t forget to use promo code RIDA at checkout to get 2 months of premium features free. *

Only available for new Cococart subscribers signing up for Startup and Business tiers.

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